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  1. Cardiovascular System
    Transport substances to and from body cells
  2. Lymphatic System
    Remove unwanted substances and recycle fluid to the blood
  3. Respiratory System
    Exchange gases between the external environment and blood
  4. Digestive System
    Prepare foods for absorption into the bloodstream, and eliminate solid wastes from the body.
  5. Urinary System
    Remove nitrogenous wastes and excess water and salts from the bloodstream
  6. Female Reproductive System
    Provide for creation of new individuals
  7. Male Reproductive System
    Provide for creation of new individuals
  8. Nervous System
    Control homeostasis by sensing changes in the environment, processing information, and initiating body responses
  9. Endocrine System
    Control homeostasis by releasing hormones into the bloodstream, which alter body functions
  10. Musculoskeletal System
    Muscles produce movement of body parts; bones and joints support and protect soft body parts, allow movement by forming attachments to muscles, store minerals, and form blood cells
  11. Integumentary System
    Protect body from fluid loss, injury, and infection
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