Unit 59 (Socializing)

  1. invite sb to come to your place
    ask sb over/round or invite sb around/round/over
  2. visit someone in their house
    come around/round/over
  3. bring someone or something somewhere
    bring along sb/sth or bring sb/sth along
  4. go into a place for a short time (informal)
    pop in/into
  5. have someone coming to your home for a social visit
    have sb around/round/over
  6. ask for information about someone, especially about their health
    ask after sb
  7. visit someone nearby for a short time
    call round
  8. make a short visit, esp. without arranging it before
    drop in/round
  9. ask someone to go out with you
    invited sb round
  10. meet someone unexpectedly
    run across
  11. come with someone (esp. by your own wish, not being invited)
    tag along
  12. break the promise to come somewhere
    stand sb up
  13. bring someone or something somewhere, esp. to one's house
    bring smth/sb round / bring round smth/sb
Card Set
Unit 59 (Socializing)
It's based on 'English Phrasal Verbs in Use' by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell