Management 350 E1

  1. What are the four components of leadership credibility?
    • Honest
    • Inspiring
    • Forward-Looking
    • Competent
  2. This is a leadership theory known as the "Born this way" theory. It focuses on observed characteristics in a person as the determining factor.
    Trait Theory
  3. This leadership theory focuses on behaviors that distinguish leaders from non-leaders. What are the two orientations associated with this theory?
    • Behavioral theory
    •  - people orientation
    •  - task orientation
  4. What are the two types of "Transition in Leadership"?
    • Transactional Leadership
    • Transformational Leadership
  5. This type of leadership focuses on relationships
    People Orientation
  6. This type of leadership focuses on outcomes
    Task Orientation
  7. This type of leadership is task oriented, focuses on manipulating rewards, appeals to follower self-interest, and idiosyncrasy credit; "side-kick"
    Transactional Leadership
  8. This type of leadership is associated with vision & charisma, framing & inspiration, intellectual stimulation, developmental consideration, and impression management
    Transformational Leadership
  9. This type of leadership is when followers compare leaders to a prototype, matching follower's prototype of leadership increases the likelihood of acceptance
    Leader categorization theory
  10. What model is categorized by the statement "The situation drives the leader style"
    Fiedler's Contingency Model
  11. What are the factors associated with Fiedler's Contingency Model?
    • leader/member relations
    • task structure
    • position power
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