Anatomy Quiz 1 2

  1. pubic symphysis articulation
    • secondary cartilaginous, symphysis which allows slight sliding movements
    • articulating bodies coverd in hyaline cartilage and disc in between
  2. pubic symphysis supporting structures
    • inter pubic fibrocartilaginous disk
    • superior pubic ligament
    • arcuate ligament
  3. superioer pubic ligament
    pubic tubericle to the other
  4. arcuate ligament of pubic symphysis
    runs along arch of pubic ramis
  5. what ligament does the fascia of the pelvic floor fuse with?
    Arcuate ligament
  6. Articulations of the pelvis
    • L5 and sacrum
    • SI joint
    • Sacroccugeal joint
    • Pubic sysmphsis
  7. L5 and Sacrum articulations
    body of L5 and body of S1 and paired synovial facet joints
  8. L5 and Sacrum Supporting Structures
    • Anterior longitudinal l
    • Posterior longitudinal l
    • Intervertebral disc
    • Articular capsules of facet joints
    • Ligamentum flavum
    • Interspinous l
    • Supraspinous l
    • Iliolumbar
    • Lumbosacral l
  9. Anterior longitudinal ligament
    • Bodies of vertebrae to sacral promatory/ coccyx
    • Resists extension
  10. Posterior longitudinal ligament
    • In spinal canal, posterior of the vertebral bodies and disks
    • Ends at sacrum
    • Resists flexion
  11. Intervertebral disc
    • Fibrocartilage has some elasticity to it
    • ---Angular fibrosis- outer rims of fibrocartilage
    • --- Nucleus pulposus- middle jelly donut
    • Have compressive components to distribute forces while weight bearing
  12. Ligamentum flavum
    • Lamina to lamina L5-S1
    • Elastic property, strong, little bit of flexibility
    • Resists flexion
  13. Articular capsules of facet joints
    • Has synovial fluid in an articular capsule
    • -- nourishes hyaline cartilage and reduces friction
  14. Interspinous ligament
    • Between spine of L5 and medial sacral ridge
    • Resists flexion
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