Abortion Project

  1. Why I choosen to do my report on abortions, what I know and how does it affect the health industry?
    I chosen to do my report on abortions because I wanted to know more about them, and more reasonings on why woman are getting them. What I know about abortions is that they can be very scarey. Being pregnant is a life changing expericence an could be very stressfull and thats why some woman are getting them. I also know that sometimes you cant always run to someone to talk to about some things so some woman decide on getting abortions. When it comes to my beliefs i dont agree with abortions, but on another note there are some reasonings I can agree on when it comes to certain situations, and thats why I wanted to do research an find out more about abortions.
  2. What I didnt know about abortions, and how it affect the health and govnor indurstry?
    I didnt know that 1 out of 3 woman under the age of 45 are getting abortions all around the world on a daily bases. I also didnt know that in Washing D.C. and in Navada that they dont care at what age you are they will terminate a pregnancy without a parents concent or them not even knowing. I read an article at www.bioethics.net on a 22 year old woman from Orlando FL. who lived in a group home an was rape, but was mentally retarded and had a emotional mind conpasity of a 1 year old child. The article was basically about her being rape and her having mental issues, cerbral pulsy, and volient sezers on top of the Bush wanted her to have this baby. Forget the fact of the matter on whats wrong with her, knowing that having this baby could kill her during child birth Bush wanted her to have this baby and deal with having a guardian for the fetus once born. The ethical situation here is that Bush doesnt care at all about this helpless woman, all he is doing is letting this poor woman suffer by making her make this decision. Bascially this 22 year old woman has no rights because she is in a group home with no parents to help her make her own decsion so its up to the governor to help her.
  3. Pro's and Con's of abortions?
    (Pro's) Many of times, abortions help safegaurd womens health. There are many women, who suffer from various hazardous medical condtions such as heart disease, kidney dieases,sever hypertension, sickle cell anemia, server diabetes, ect. This can become life threating on giving child birth. Also at times abortion can also help in keeping check on the size of the family. It can serve as a potent tool to undo mistakes, therby preventing mothers to be forced for raising a child at a young age. While we argue about the mental well being of a woman, how do others get to decide what would be more traumatic to the woman, abortion or, childbirth and the unending list of duties waiting to be accomplished.

    (Con's) The important con is that should considered is can we chhose to kill umwanted pregnancies? One shouldn't be so irresponsible to land up in a situation where they have to be unmerciful to the unborn. Most of unplanned pregnancies if extended to childbirth may prove to bewanted later. A growing emnyo is considered humanwith the heartbeats initating as early as 21st day conception. So what if we cannot see the human form, it doest have the potential to gain one. Choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion would give the baby its right to life.
  4. What I want my classmates to know my feelings about abortions?
    As I read and discovered all this information about abortions kinda made me open my beliefs a little more. I never really sat back and thought about how young teens getting raped, or the mentally challeged getting raped and having to deal with all that post traumtic stress. Ask yourself what if this was your daughter? your sister? or even you? I personally think if we had more motivated speakers, teachers and family members out there to talk to our younger kids, young adults about the safty of sex and it's outcome of it, things will change, if not were going to be looking at more abortions then we do now. I know its not always eazy to run to family members to tell them personal information, but tell someone because this is a serious situation. I encourage you to talk to your children if you have any about the safty of sex and stay safe an positive and if you are having sex have safe sex.
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