AP Psych: Vision/Hearing/Pain

  1. Pupil
    Channels light into the lens
  2. Iris
    Controls how much light enters the eye with the pupil by contracting
  3. Cornea
    • Is used for protection¬†
    • and is the beginning of the focus of light
  4. The fovea is a certain portion of this layer, it is where the image should hit and begin to be perceived
    Optical Nerve
  5. The shorter the frequency of a wave (meaning the wave will be longer) will cause a ...
    Low Sound
  6. Biological Perspective
    Sensory neurons recognize there's a problem and with the pain exceeding the threshold, they're sent up the spine and into the brain's frontal lobe thus pain is felt
  7. Psychological Perspective
    Kevin Ware's body went through so much trauma that his brain completely shut out the pain for him.
  8. Social Perspective
    The crowd displayed conformity all by reacting to Kevin Ware's injury. Then in their minds they try to empathize with him by imagining any previous experience of pain they might've had.
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AP Psych: Vision/Hearing/Pain