1. Ensuring that an email message has not been intercepted and altered by unauthorized persons is an example of which security goal?
    Data integrity
  2. What form of virtualization creates a virtual computing environment that performs like a real computer and operating system?
    Hardware Virtualization
  3. What is the well-known port of HTTP?
  4. What is it that specifies the objectives, procedures, and processes that protect and secure a specific class of assets against potential threats for an organization?
    Security policies
  5. According to the older of volatility, what data should you capture first?
    Data stored in memory
  6. What term describes the knowledge and understanding by network users of the organization's security policies and procedures?
    User Awareness
  7. What type of plan do we use to recover after an interruption to business processes?
    Business Continuity
  8. What is the design concept and implementation approach that has the objective of reducing system or network downtime to its absolute minimum?
    High availability
  9. What is the malicious software that has the ability to replicate itself and move on to other computers?
    Computer viruses
  10. What is an unauthorized access point inserted into a wireless network?
    Rogue Access Point
  11. After an attacker gains access to a network or application, what is he most likely interested in doing?
    Escalating Privileges
  12. What type of system identifies possible intrusions and attempts to stop the intrusion from taking place?
    Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
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