Glial Cells

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  1. Glial cells:
    1) What do they do?
    • 1) Are half of the cells in the CNS that provide support to neurons. They divide throughout life, which can lead to tumors.
    • 2)Oligodendrocyte, Astrocyte, Microglia, Ependymal Cells
  2. Oligodendrocyte
    Provide myelin sheath for CNS neurons
  3. Astrocyte
    • Regulates composition of extracellular fluid in CNS by removing K+ and neurotransmitters around synapses.
    • Stimulates the formation of blood/brain barrier
    • Provides glucose
  4. Microglia
    • Macrophage like cells
    • Involved in synapse remodeling, plasticity
  5. Ependymal Cells
    Line fluid-filled cavaties with in brain & spinal cord regulate production of CF
  6. Schwann Cells
    Like oligodendrocytes, except part of the PNS
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