Condensers chapter 22

  1. Control of the head pressure in  an air-cooled condenser is done by.

                       3 Part Answer
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    • 1)  cycling the condenser fan.
    • 2)  controlling  dampers in the air-stream through the condenser.
    • 3)  flooding the condenser with refrigerant.
  2. If the water flow is reduced the temp difference across the condenser will
  3. condensing temperature in an air cooled condensing can be reduced by.

                         3 Part Answer
    • 1) increasing the cfm through the condenser
    • 2) increasing the condensing surface area
    • 3) decreasing the temperature of air entering the condenser
  4. Which of the following condenser is the most efficient
    • water cooled- counter flow
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  5. What can be used to maintain the head pressure of a system with a water cooled condenser
    • water regulating valve
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  6. the condenser in a refrigeration system.

                         3 Part Answer
    • 1) Subcools the liquid refrigerant before it leaves the condenser(sensible heat)
    • 2) Desuperheats the vapor from the compressor(latent heat)
    • 3) condenses the vapor to liquid from the compressor ( sensible heat)
  7. If an R-22 refrigeration system has it's air-cooled condensing unit on a 70*F roof, and the condenser outlet temperature (Liquid Line) is 90*F with how much subcooling is the condenser operating
  8. A normally operating water cooled condenser is operating with a 10* differential between water in water out. If scale forms on the water tubes and the entering water is 85*F, which of the following is possible.

                      2 Part Answer
    • 1) It will be less than the 10*F differential.
    • 2) The system head pressure will rise.
  9. The shell and tube condenser is cleaned how.
    Mechanically with a brush after removing end caps(end boxes).
  10. Which of the following will allow a system to operate more efficiently
    Condenser that had refrigerent leaving with 15* of sub-cooling
  11. In a water cooled condenser with dirty condenser tubes, the temperature difference between the refrigerant and the leaving water will be________ when the tubes are cleaned
    Greater than
  12. When a system with a water cooled condenser cycles off, the water regulating valve should
    Close since the head pressure is low
  13. Which of the following can be used to maintain the head pressure of a system with an air-cooled condenser.

                       3 Part Answer
    • 1) condenser flooding valve (HPR)
    • 2) Dampers or louvers
    • 3) Fan cycling
  14. The refrigerant in a condenser in a refrigeration system________________.
    Gives up heat
  15. An air-cooled condenser that is operating in a climate that has four distinct seasons must have ______________
    Have some type of head pressure control
  16. Mineral deposit in a water portion of a water cooled condenser act as ______________.
    An Insulator
  17. In a water-cooled condenser, a regulating vavle is used to control the _____________.
    Refrigerant condensing temperature.
  18. The water circuit in shell and coil, and coil type tube in a tube condenser must be cleaned
  19. A normally operating water-cooled condenser is operating with a 10* F differential between water in and water out. If the amount of 85* F water going through the condenser is reduced, which of the following is a possible temperature of the water leaving the condenser
    greater than the 10* F differential, >96*
  20. The temperature of the water coming into the cooling tower is 95* F and leaves the tower at 85* water temperature.

                            True or False
  21. Low head pressure from low ambient temperature, can cause inefficient refrigerant flow rates through metering devices, which in turn starve evaporates.

                            True or False
  22. Low suction pressure, ice coils, short cycling, and inefficient cooling can also result from high head pressures.

                     True or False
  23. If the spring pressure of a water regulating valve is decreased, the system head pressure will also increase.

                            True or False

    • head pressure increases, opens valve,  by increasing spring pressure 
    • spring pressure decreases, closes valve,by decreasing head pressure
  24. A water regulating valve helps to maintain a systems head pressure by modulating the flow of water through the condenser.

                             True or False

  25. The desired water flow through a condenser connected to a circulated water system is 1.5 gpm.
                            True or False

    3.0 g.p.m.
  26. The condenser rejects two types of heat

                              Two Part Answer
    • Latent (Hidden)
    • Sensible (measurable)
  27. Condenser is the mirror image of what?
  28. Water cooled is more efficient than air-cooled.

                              True or False

  29. Three types of water cooled condenser.

                              3 Part Answer
    • Tube in tube
    • shell  and coil condenser
    • shell and tube
  30. Counter Flow
    Refrigerant and water flow in opposite direction to maximize the heat transfer rate
  31. Water cooled condensers have a design  temp difference of how much?
  32. In a recirculating condenser, what is the design temperature of water coming in, water coming out, condensing temp (refrigerant) coming out.
    • 85*F
    • 95*F
    • 105*F
  33. What will happen to the temperature of the exiting water and condensing temperature, if the line has mineral deposits.

                              Two part Answer
    • The exiting water temp will go down below the 95* design.
    • The exiting condensing pressure will go up above the design 105*F.
  34. What happens in the first part of the condenser.
    Desuperheat the gas flowing from the compressor. (Sensible Heat, Measurable)
  35. What happens in the second part of the condenser.
    the vapor condenses to a liquid, giving up the most heat in the system in this process. (Latent heat, not measurable)
  36. What happens in the third part of the condenser.
    The liquid is subcooled, cooling below the saturation point, (sensible heat, measurable)
  37. What are the three types of cooling towers.

                              3 Part answer
    Natural draft, Forced draft, Evaporative.
  38. What are some of the ways a water tower cools the water.
    evaporation, fans, prevailing winds
  39. Five common types of head pressure controls.

                              5 Part answer
    fan cycling devices, variable frequency drives(VFD) fans, air-shutters-dampers,condenser flooding devices, condenser splitting devices
  40. three materials that condensers are normally made of.

                              3 Part Answer
    Steel, Stainless steel, nickle
  41. When is the most heat removed in the refrigeration process.
    The second part, the condensation process. When vapor is condensed to a liquid, ( sensible heat,measurable)
  42. When heat is absorbed in a water condenser, the heat can be deposited where.
    It can be dumped into a drain (pump and dump), or it can be stored to be recirculated, through a tower or fountain, or retention pond.
  43. A water cooling tower capacity is governed by what aspect of the ambient air.
    Wet-Bulb temperature.
  44. What is the condensing temperature of an air-cooled condenser if a standard, mid-efficiency,high-efficiency condenser is being used
    • _30__*F
    • _25__*F
    • _15__*F
  45. Prevailing winds can effect which of the coolin towers
    Natural Draft
  46. The type of condenser that has the lowest operating head pressure is the _________ cooled compressor.
    Water cooled
  47. Compare the difference of standard and high efficient air-cooled condenser.
    Standard air is 30 %, high efficiency is 10%
  48. What is used to supply water that is lost in a cooling tower due to evaporation.
    Float-type metering device
  49. Name two problems that a refrigeration system will have if the condensing unit is exposed to a low ambient condition when not equiped with low ambient head pressure control valves.
    the head pressure will be reduced and the metering device will starve.
  50. The condensing pressure must be at least ____  psig than the evaporater pressure
    75 psig
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