Study EP1

  1. What are the synonyms for marker?

    What is a Marker?
    Genetic variant or sequence Variant

    It is a place in the genome where some copies of the genome may differ from others.
  2. What is special about genetic variants or sequence variants or marker?
    Each genetic variances has distinct sequences with distinct histories.
  3. What is population genetics?
    Population genetics is the study of genetic variation in the population and the forces that control this variation.
  4. What is DNA "fingerprinting?"
    It is a biochemical assay for identifying uniquely varying patterns of alleles in individuals.
  5. What is a locus?

    What are SNPs?
    Simply a location in the genome; it can be a single nucleotide site or a stretch of many nucleotides.

    SNPs are the simplest form of variation one might observe at a locus in which there is a difference in the nucleotide present at a single  site whether adenine, cytosine, guanine, or thymine, in a population.
  6. What are Microsatellite Loci?
    Where can they be present?
    Where are micro satellites with tri-nucleotide repeats found?
    Where are most micro satellites located?
    Is that associated with any differences in phenotypes if found in the area in question above?
    Microsatellite loci are loci that have a short sequence motif of 2 to 6 base pairs long, that is repeated multiple times with different alleles having different numbers of repeats, simple tandem repeats.

    They can be present in eons, introns, regulatory regions, and nonfunctional DNA sequences.

    Microsatellites with trinucleotide repeats are found in coding sequences of some genes encoding strings of a single amino acid.

    • Outside the coding sequences.¬†
    • No.
  7. What are the different types of variations?
    • SNPs
    • Indels
    • Microsatellites
    • CNV
  8. What are Common SNPs?
    What are Rare SNPs?
    Common SNPs are SNPs in a population if the less common allele occurs at a frequency of 5% or more.

    Rare SNPs are sNPs in a population if the less common allele occurs at a frequency of less than 5%.
  9. What is Genetics?
    Genetics is relating traits that we care about to variation in the genome.
  10. What is Frame Shift Mutation?
    Sequence variation in the myostatin gene.
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