spanish vocab week 3

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  1. verbo gustar
    • me gusta(n)         nos gusta(n)
    • te gustan(n)         (os gusta(n))
    • le gusta(n)           les gusta(n)
  2. bailar
    to dance
  3. cambiar
    to change
  4. caminar
    to walk
  5. comprar
    to buy
  6. desayunar
    to eat breakfast
  7. escuchar
    to listen
  8. estudiar
    to study
  9. hablar
    to talk
  10. limpiar
    to clean
  11. llegar
    to arrive
  12. mirar
    to watch
  13. necesitar
    to need
  14. pasar (tiempo)
    to spend (time)
  15. practicar un deporte
    to play a sport
  16. regresar
    to return
  17. terminar
    to finish
  18. tomar el sol
    to take sun/to sunbathe
  19. tomar
    to drink/to take
  20. buscar
    to look for
  21. cantar
    to sing
  22. cenar
    to eat dinner
  23. cocinar
    to cook
  24. descansar
    to rest
  25. esperar
    to wait
  26. ganar
    to win/to earn
  27. lavar
    to wash
  28. llamar (por telefono)
    to call
  29. llevar
    to carry
  30. nadar
    to swim
  31. pagar
    to pay
  32. pasear
    to go for a walk/ride
  33. recoger
    to pick up
  34. saludar
    to greet
  35. tocar la guitarra
    play the guitar/to touch
  36. trabajar
    to work
  37. viajar
    to travel
  38. abrir
    to open
  39. beber
    to drink
  40. correr
    to run
  41. leer
    to read
  42. vivir
    to live
  43. aprender
    to learn
  44. comer
    to eat
  45. escribir
    to write
  46. vender
    to sell
  47. a la(s) +time
    at +time
  48. de la mañana
    in the morning
  49. de la noche
    at night
  50. Que hora es?
    What time is it?
  51. Son las dos (tres...)
    It's two (three...)
  52. y media
    half past
  53. menos diez
    ten to...
  54. A que hora?
    At what time?
  55. de la tarde
    in the afternoon
  56. en punto
  57. es la una.
    It is one o'clock.
  58. y cuarto
    quarter past
  59. menos cuarto
    quarter to...
  60. menos cinco
    five to...
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