1st Semester practice/review

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  1. What factor affects the standard of living in a country?
    Literacy Rate
  2. Under which economic system does the government make almost all of its decisions?
  3. How are countries affected by having a very limited investments in human capital?
    Lower GDP: gross domestic product
  4. Name three types of economic barriers
    Tariffs, quotas, embargoes
  5. How does trade improve the economy?
    No country can produce everything it needs.  Countries can earn $ from things it can produce.
  6. Which group claimed responsibility for 9-11?
    Al Qaeda
  7. What is OPEC and what does it do?
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries: sets the price of oil
  8. How are Iran and Saudi Arabia alike?
    Both countries contain oil and practice ISLAM
  9. Which part/one of the 3 participation types allows a leader to maintain complete power?
  10. Which form of government has a loose alliance?
  11. Which of the 3 participation types has control resting with a small group of people in power?
  12. Which form of government allows the central government to divide its power?
  13. The primary difference between presidential and parliamentary gov. systems is that a parliamentary system CEO is chosen by who?
    • The Voters for President
    • The Parliament chooses Parliamentary leader
  14. Who has all the power in a unitary system?
    Central Gov
  15. Which country in the Middle East is located between Israel and Iran and has two rivers flowing through it?
  16. Which country in the Middle East has a coast line along the Mediterranean Sea?
  17. Which country in the Middle East looks like Angel's wings?
  18. Which body of water in the Middle East has Iran on its western bank and Saudi Arabia on its Eastern Bank?
    Persian Gulf
  19. What is an ethnic group?
    a group identified on the basis of religion, race, or national origin
  20. What is a religious group?
    a group based on religious beliefs and practices
  21. What did the Europeans do to the Ottoman Empire?
    Divided it
  22. How are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike?
    All Middle Eastern religions, Israel Origins, and Monotheistic
  23. What did the end of WWII, immigration of Jews to Palestine, and a decision of the Untied Nations lead to?
    Creation of Israel
  24. What is the difference between the Shia and the Sunni Muslims?
    Who leads the religion:  a prophet from Mohammed's lineage or the most qualified?
  25. Which type of government is based on religion?
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