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  1. Nuclei located in the internal medullary lamina
    Intralaminar nuclei
  2. Function of intralaminar nuclei
    Conscious proprioception of conscious sensory input
  3. Specific relay nuclei function
    Project fibers to and receives fibers from well defined areas on the cerebral cortex
  4. Specific relay nuclei divisions
    • Medial geniculate body
    • Lateral geniculate body
    • Ventral posterior nucleus
  5. Medial geniculate body
    • Input: auditory information from inferior coliculi
    • Output: info via auditory radiation to auditory cortex (Area 41-42) in temporal lobe
  6. Lateral Geniculate body
    • Input: vision from optic tract
    • Output: info via visual radiations to calcarine cortex of occipital lobe (Area 17) and Area 8 of frontal lobe
  7. Ventral Posterior (VP) Nucleus divisions
    • Ventral posterior lateral nucleus
    • Ventral posterior medial nucleus (VPM)
    • Ventral medial nucleus (VM)
    • Ventral lateral Nucleus (VL) and Ventral anterior nucleus (VA)
  8. Ventral posterior lateral nucleus
    • Input: info contra-lat regarding pain, temp, touch, pressure, vibration, conscious proprioception of extremities, neck, and trunk via afferent pathways
    • Output: projects info to primary somesthetic area in post central gyrus (Area 1,2,3) which ahs topographical representation
  9. Ventral posterior medial nucleus (VPM)
    • Input: info contra-lat regarding pain, temp, touch, pressure, vibration, conscious proprioception of face and head via 5th CN
    • Output: primary somesthetic area in post-central gyrus (Area 1,2,3)
  10. Ventral Medial Nucleus (VM)
    • Input: sense of taste from parabrachial nuclei of the reticular formation
    • Output: primary receiving area for taste (Area43 to Area 5-7)
  11. Ventral Lateral Nucleus (VL) and Ventral Anterior Nucleus (VA)
    • Input: motor control and planning from contra-lat cerebellar cortex (via superior cerebellar peduncle) and ipsilateral corpus striatum
    • Output: primary motor areas in cerebral cortex (Area 4,6,8) to complete feedback system needed for motor planning and includes corpus striatum and cerebellum
  12. damage inferior coliculi, MGB damage rt, area 41,42 on Rt
    • 80% lf, 20% rt
    • damage cochlea and/or 8th CN
    • deaf in that ear
  13. receptive aphasia
    • hear but cant interpret
    • area 40 damaged
  14. Wernicke’s aphasia
    • hear words but meaningless bc association fibers cant interpret
    • fibers going to area 40 damaged but area 40 intact
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