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  1. What brain vesicle is the thalamus in?
  2. Function of Thalamus
    • 1. relay station for information from sensory receptors (except olfactory) to cerebral cortex
    • 2. conscious awareness of specific sensory stimuli (specific/less specific touch, pressure, pain, temp, vibration)
    • 3. role in motor pathways (through connections with corpus striatum, cortical areas 4-6-8 and cerebellum
    • 4. regular cortical activity through reticular activating system
    • 5. feelings and emotions
  3. thalamus is covered on the lateral outer surface by
    external medullary lamina
  4. external medullary lamina
    myelinated fibers that cover the thalamus
  5. reticular thalamic nuclei
    separate the thalamus from the internal capsule
  6. 3 nuclear masses of gray matter thalamus broken down into
    • anterior nuclear mass
    • medial nuclear mass
    • lateral nuclear mass
  7. thalamic gray matter nuclear masses broken down by
    internal medullar lamina
  8. what is the anterior nuclear mass comprised of ?
    anterior group nuclei
  9. what is the medial nuclear mass comprised of?
    Medial group nuclei
  10. What is the lateral nuclear mass comprised of?
    • Dorsal tier
    • Ventral tier
  11. What is the ventral tier of the lateral mass comprised of the ventral group nuclei which is broken down into
    • Medial geniculate bodies (MGB)
    • Lateral geniculate bodies (LGB)
    • Ventral anterior nuclei (VA)
    • Ventral posterior nucleus (VP)
    • Ventral lateral nucleus (VL)
  12. The dorsal tier of the lateral mass is comprised of?
    • Lateral group nuclei
    • Posterior group nuclei
  13. The lateral group of the dorsal tier consists of?
    • lateral thalamic nuclei
    • pulvinar nuclei
  14. The posterior group
    • Suprageniculate nuclei
    • Nucleus limitans
    • Superior aspect of MGB
    • Adjacent pulvinar nuclei
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