1. overbore
    to bring down by superior weight or force : overwhelm
  2. impudent
    • lacking modesty : marked by contemptuous or cocky boldness or disregard of others :
    • insolent
  3. raucous
    disagreeably harsh or strident : boisterously disorderly
  4. lout
    an awkward brutish person
  5. vexation
    a cause of trouble
  6. melancholy
    depression of spirits
  7. insolent
    insultingly contemptuous in speech or conduct
  8. beseeching
    to beg for urgently or anxiously : implore
  9. condonation
    implied pardon of an offense by treating the offender as if it had not been committed
  10. inviolateness
    not violated or profaned; pure
  11. contumely
    harsh language or treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt
  12. betrothals
    a mutual promise or contract for a future marriage
  13. brigands
    one who lives by plunder usually as a member of a band : bandit
  14. petulant
    characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor
  15. capricious
    impulsive : unpredictable
  16. foibles
    a minor flaw or shortcoming in character or behavior : weakness
  17. fidelity
    the quality or state of being faithful
  18. virtue
    a commendable quality or trait :

    conformity to a standard of right : a particular moral excellence
  19. turpitude
    inherent baseness : depravity
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