1. What beverage increases mental retardation during pregnancy?
  2. What would u use to treat dizziness?
    Na (sodium)
  3. What do you take to prevent neural tube defects?
    Folic acid
  4. #1 dietary cause of miscarriage?
  5. What can you do to prevent episiotomy?
    Perineal massage w. oil
  6. Topical agent for stretch marks?
  7. If BP is over 140/90 what mineral can u give them?
  8. What is the assciated conditin with blood pressure of 140/90?
  9. WHat supplement to use for morning sickness?
    B6 vit. & Ginger herb
  10. How long do you stay with baby after childbirth?
    48 hours
  11. AKA for vaginal opening?
  12. What does estradiol lead to?
  13. What do you give a patient to treat Menorrhagia?
  14. What is the name for tearing of abdominals?
    Diastesis recti
  15. What exercises to avoid from tearing of abdominals?
    situps & valsalvas
  16. Two factors associated with early puberty?
    High body fat, environmental estrogens
  17. Less than 8 Y.O. girls that go thru puberty are at risk for what?
    precocious puberty or PCOS
  18. What condition is involved with liking dirt?
  19. What do u give for treatment for the condition of eating dirt?
    Mineral supplement
  20. HOw long does Corpus luteum stay alive for?
    7-10 days
  21. What does colostrum have that is so essential w/in first 72 hours of birth?
  22. What should u not give to pregnant for sleeping aid?
  23. What keeps corpus luteum alive?
  24. What herb/supplement kills bacteria?
  25. What is the end of stage 1 or beginning of stage 2 of labor?
    Dilation & effacement
  26. What is the maximum attempts for websters breach turning method?
  27. What condition is associated with changing litterbox?
  28. What is #1 way to induce contractions?
    Nipple stimulation
  29. What is the normal position during fetal lying in womb?
    Longitudinal= head first
  30. What is definition of menarche?
    1st menses
  31. High estrogen levels lead to increase in _____________ that leads to uterine contractions & spasms at ovulation?
  32. What is the maximum time that a pregnant patient do exercises?
    15 min.
  33. Some type of test u do for____????
  34. Primary cause of infertility?
  35. Nagel's rule?
    LMP + 7 days. Go back 3 months
  36. What is the absolute CI for adjusting during pregnancy?
    Uterine Bleeding
  37. CI for adjusting in side posture during pregnancy?
    C-section sutures
  38. Why can't pregnant use colonics, laxatives, etc....?
    Induce early early delivery
  39. What is Ptyalism? & What's tx?
    Excess salivation & Lemon Peel
  40. Hormone related to hypertension and nose bleeds during pregnancy?
  41. What hormone increases up to 300X during pregnancy?
  42. What is the name for a scalp not receding with contraction?
  43. When does stage 3 of labor begin?
    Just after delivery
  44. If the baby is in a breech position, what is the first part to come out?
  45. Whatcan stimulate milk let down when the mother is not next to the baby?
    Sight or crying of baby
  46. What is name for dry cracked nipples? & What can u do for it?
    Mastatitis & Bag Balm, feed completely even with infection
  47. Why do u adjust during pregnancy?
    Maintain biomechanics
  48. What are two reasons for post-partum depression?
    Nutrition defficiency and lack of sleep
  49. What do you use to decrease swelling after C-section?
    Ice, Bromelain
  50. What can be done to decrease T-spine pain during breast feeding?
    Prop up baby, & adjusting
  51. What are two indications for D & C (dilation & cutterage)?
    Abortion & molar pregnancy
  52. A large volume of vesicles is a sign of what?
    Molar pregnancy
  53. What is the number 1 cause of nutrition in increased vasoconstriction?
    Mg defficiency
  54. What causes increase in Hypertension in pregnant?
  55. What is pregnancy induced hypertension known as?
  56. What are the warning signs of eclampsia?
    Head ache & tremulousness
  57. What are the signs & symptoms of placenta privia?
    Vaginal bleeding in 3rd trimester
  58. What is abruptio placenta?
    Placenta cut/torn from fetus
  59. What are Sx & sympt. of abruptio placenta?
    Backpain & vaginal bleeding
  60. What is the Tx for abruptio placenta?
    Immediate C-section
  61. What does NOT cause dizziness during 1st trimester?
  62. How long is an egg viable after ovulation?
    24 hrs
  63. What is the test that looks for Mucin channels (fertile mucous)?
    Fern test
  64. What is the purpose of a pelvic diaphragm?
    Prevent uterine prolapse
  65. What 2 things can cause cervical stenosis?
    Trauma & post menopausal infection
  66. What is a symptom of uterine sacral ligament issue?
  67. What are 2 symptoms of grade 3 retroflexed uterine malposition?
    LBP & tenesmus (straining at stool)
  68. What is the MC risk of progestins?
    Heart failure
  69. What hormone surge causes ovulation?
    LH surge
  70. What is a cause for not letting down milk?
  71. What provides relief for round ligament syndrome?
    Ice + Massage
  72. What would be a red flag sign of a pregnant woman?
    Ankle Clonus
  73. What would be a PT modality to use on a pregnant woman?
  74. A morning type of drink?
  75. What do kegel exercises do?
    Strengthen diaphragm, prevent prolapse, prevent bladder & rectal incontinence, imprve sexual performance
  76. What is the effect of dush?
    induce labor & damage
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