N323 Postpartum

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  1. AROM
    Articicial rupture of membranes
  2. BOW
    bag of waters
  3. CAN
    cord around the neck (nuchal cord)
  4. CPD
    cephalopelvic disproportion
  5. CX
  6. EDC
    estimated date of confinement
  7. EDD
    estimated date of delivery
  8. EFM
    electronic fetal monitoring
  9. FHR
    fetal heart rate
  10. FHT
    fetal heart tones
  11. FSE
    fetal scalp electrode
  12. IUGR
    intrauterine growth retardation
  13. IUP
    intrauterine pregnancy
  14. IUPC
    intrauterice pressure catheter
  15. LGA
    large for gestational age
  16. LMP
    last menstrual period
  17. PROM
    premature rupture of membranes
  18. PPROM
    preterm premature rupture of membrane
  19. SGA
    small for gestational age
  20. SROM
    spontaneous rupture of membranes
  21. TOLAC
    trial of labor after Cesarean
  22. TOP
    termination of pregnancy
  23. UC
    uterine contraction
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