Biology Midterm

  1. -delta H products have less NRG than reactants
    products warmer
    requires less Ea - spontaneous reaction
    exothermic reaction
  2. +delta H products have more NRG than reactants
    products colder
    require more Ea
  3. measure of heat content
    enthalpy (H)
  4. NRG available to do work
    free energy (G)
  5. - delta G
  6. +delta G
  7. Ea
    activation energy (amt. of NRG needed to get a reaction going)
  8. photosynthesis type of process (catabolic/anabolic, endergonic/exergonic)
    • anabolic, endergonic
    • consumes energy to build complex molecules from simpler ones
    • needs NRG to take place
  9. cellular respiration type of process (catabolic/anabolic, endergonic/exergonic)
    • catabolic, exergonic
    • organic compounds break down into simpler substances
    • releases NRG
  10. purpose of cellular respiration
    to break down hydrogen atoms in glucose to get its energy
  11. 3-carbon molecule formed after glycolysis
    pyruvic acid/pyruvate
  12. first part of cellular respiration that yields a small amount of ATP, when glucose is converted into pyruvic acid
  13. molecule similar to NADP+, accepts electrons during redo reactions
  14. reactant(s) in glycolysis
    glucose, 2 ATP, 4 ADP, 2 NAD+, 2Pi
  15. product(s) of glycolysis
    2 pyruvate, 4 ATP, 2 ADP, 2 NADH
  16. where glycolysis takes place
    in cytosol of cell
  17. reactant(s) in Krebs Cycle
    2 pyruvate, 2 ADP, 2 Pi, 8 NAD+, 2 FAD
  18. product(s) of Krebs Cycle
    2 ATP, 8 NADH (contains 8 hydrogen), 2 FADH2 (contains 4 hydrogen), 6CO2
  19. where Krebs Cycle takes place
    in mitochondrial matrix
  20. reactant(s) in ETS
    10 NADH, 2 FADH2, 34 ADP, 34 Pi, 6 O2
  21. product(s) of ETS
    10 NAD+, 2 FAD, 34 ATP, 6 H2O
  22. where ETS takes place
    in inner mitochondrial membrane
  23. reactant(s) in Light Reaction
    sunlight, water, NADP+, ADP, Pi
  24. product(s) in Light Reaction
    oxygen, NADPH, ATP
  25. where Light Reaction takes place
  26. reactant(s) of Dark Reaction
  27. product(s) of Dark Reaction
    glucose, NADP+, ADP, Pi
  28. where Dark Reaction takes place
    in stroma
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