navedtra14295b chap 21

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  1. what chapter is emergency med
  2. what does triage mean
    to sort ; french word
  3. non tactical priority 1 patients =
    immediate, casualties whose injuries are critical but who require only minimal time or equipment to manage
  4. non tactical priority 2 =
    delayed causalties whose injuries are debilitating but who don't require immediate management
  5. non tactical priority 3 patient=
    minor, walking wounded
  6. non tactical priority 4=
    expectant, casualties whose injuries are so severe that they have only minimal chance of survival
  7. non tactical priority 5 =
    dead, unresponsive pulseless breathless
  8. what is the acronym START
    • S.simple
    • T.triage
    • A.and
    • R.Rapid
    • T.transport
  9. hypovolemic shock
    loss of intravascular volume
  10. Distributive (vasogenic)
    blood vessels dilate without proportional increase in fluid volume
  11. neurogenic shock
    failure of the nervous system to control the diameter of blood vessels
  12. septic shock
    caused by the presence of severe infection which leads to vasodilation
  13. psychogenic shock
    para sympathetic nervous system causes bradycradia which leads to fainting
  14. cardiogenic shock
    heart failing to pump blood adequately to all vital parts of the body
  15. what is epilepsy
    seizures or fits
  16. what is a grand mal seizure
    the most serious type of seizure which might preceded an arua
  17. treatment for seizure
    protect patient from self harm
  18. dermatologic emergencies
    TEN- toxic epidermal necrolysis
  19. most common age group for heart conditions
  20. anaphylactic shock epinephrine dosage
  21. diabetic ketoacidosis
    unbalance of insulin resulting in hyperglycemeia
  22. lack of of glucose in the cells and increase in metabolic acid
    acidosis- blood becomes acidic
  23. tension pneumothrax
    condition which air enters the chest cavity through holes in the lungs
  24. oral fentanyl citrate dosage
  25. adult blood vol
    5-6 liters
  26. hematemesis
    vomiting bright red blood
  27. hemoptysis
    coughing up bright red blood
  28. melena
    excreation of tarry black stool
  29. hematochezia
    excretion of bright red blood from the rectum
  30. hematuria
    blood in the urine
  31. epistaxis
  32. ecchymosis
    pooling of blood near the skin surface
  33. anesthesia containing epi should never be used
    fingers groin toes ears nose
  34. chilblain
    is a mild cold injury caused by prolonged exposure for several hours to air temps from above freezing 32 to as high as 60
  35. immersion foot
    being exposure to wet cold at temperature ranging from freezing to 50
  36. frostbite
    occurs when ice crystals form in the skin or deeper tissues after exposure to temp of 32
  37. caissons diseases
    the word caisson is a French word meaning big boxes
  38. barotrauma
    damage to tissues caused by a change in ambient pressure
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