Advanced expressions with "get"

  1. I've been calling all week but I just can't get ______ of her.

    I really need to get ____ of John to talk to him about the meeting
    to get hold of sb
  2. I get the ______ you don't like me very much. You always seem to avoid me.
    to get the impression
  3. I have way too many CDs!  I really need to get _____ of some of them.

    He's just no good for you! You should get ____ of him and look for someone else.
    to get rid of somebody/something
  4. He's quite shy at first. It takes a while to get ______  ______ him well.

    It might seem complicated at first but you'll soon get ___ ______ how everything works.
    to get to know somebody/something
  5. He has been getting _____ ______ with the authorities since he was a small boy. Now he's in prison...
    to get into trouble
  6. My grandparents are getting _____ now. They're both in their late eighties.
    to be getting on (a bit)
  7. He wanted to go to the theatre but I refused because I wanted to go the cinema. Ha! I always get my ____ ____
    to get your own way
  8. My family only really get ______ at important times, like Christmas or birthdays

    I'm getting _________ with some old friends this weekend
    to get together
  9. I've told her no about a thousand times but she just doesn't seem to get the _________

    OK OK! I get the ______!  I'll leave you in peace
    to get the message
  10. I have to go to a wedding at the weekend but I hate weddings so I'm trying to get ___ ___ ___

    My brother always manages to get ___ ____ doing his share of the housework
    to get out of something /doing something
  11. I got a real _____ when I saw him in the supermarket!  I thought he was dead!
    to get a shock
  12. I thought that they would hate each other but in fact they´re getting on like ___ _____ ____ ____
    to get on like a house on fire
  13. He's not very good at explaining things so it's quite easy to get the _____ ______of ____ ______
    to get the wrong end of the stick
  14. He's just so annoying!  He really gets ____  my _________
    to get on your nerves
  15. She was devastated when he dumped her and it took her a long time to get _____ ____

    You need to get ________  failing the exam, you can't be in a bad mood like this forever!
    to get over it / something
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