Medical Terminology Quiz #1 Chris Son

  1. angi/o or vas/o or vascul/o
    vessel (three types, combing verb)
  2. cardi/o
    heart (combing verb)
  3. enter/o
    small intestine (combing verb)
  4. esophag/o
    esophagus (combing verb)
  5. gastr/o
    stomach (combing verb)
  6. hem/o or hemat/o
    blood (two types, combing verb)
  7. hepat/o
    liver (combing verb)
  8. oste/o
    bone (combing verb)
  9. ur/o or urin/o
    urine (two types, combing verb)
  10. -al, -ac, -ar, -ary, -eal, -ic, -ous, -tic
    pertaining to (8 types, suffix)
  11. -ectasis
    expansion or dilation (suffix)
  12. -ectomy
    excision (removal, suffix)
  13. -ia or -ism
    condition of (two types suffix)
  14. -itis
    inflammation (suffix)
  15. -logy
    study of (suffix)
  16. -megaly
    enlargement (suffix)
  17. -stomy
    creation of an opening (suffix)
  18. -tomy
    incision (suffix)
  19. oligo-
    few or deficient (prefix)
  20. para-
    alongside of, abnormal (prefix)
  21. peri- or circum-
    around (two types, prefix)
  22. -dynia or -algia
    pain (two types, suffix)
  23. -ium
    structure or tissue (suffix)
  24. -rrhaphy
    suture (suffix)
  25. -rrhexis
    rupture (suffix)
  26. epi-
    upon (prefix)
  27. sub- or infra-
    below or under (two types prefix)
  28. lip/o
    fat (combing verb)
  29. a- or an-
    without (two types prefix)
  30. anti- or contra-
    against or opposed to (two types prefix)
  31. de-
    from, down, or not (prefix)
  32. ab-
    away from (prefix)
  33. ad-
    to, toward, or near (prefix)
  34. dia- or trans-
    across or through (two types, prefix)
  35. e-, ec-, ex-
    out or away (three types prefix)
  36. ecto-, exo-, extra-
    outside (three types prefix)
  37. en-, endo-, intra-
    within (three types prefix)
  38. inter-
    between (prefix)
  39. meso-
    middle (prefix)
  40. meta-
    beyond, after, or change (prefix)
  41. retro-
    backwards or behind (prefix)
  42. bi-
    two or both (prefix)
  43. hemi- or semi-
    half (two types prefix)
  44. semi-
    half (prefix)
  45. hyper-
    above or excessive (prefix)
  46. hypo-
    below or deficient (prefix)
  47. macro-
    large or long (prefix)
  48. micro-
    small (prefix)
  49. mono- or uni
    one (two types prefix)
  50. pan-
    all (prefix)
  51. poly- or multi-
    many (two types, prefix)
  52. quadri-
    four (prefix)
  53. super- or supra-
    above or excessive (two types, prefix)
  54. tri-
    three (prefix)
  55. ultra-
    beyond or excessive (prefix)
  56. ante-, pre-, pro-
    before (three types, prefix)
  57. brady-
    slow (prefix)
  58. tachy-
    fast (prefix)
  59. post-
    after or behind (prefix)
  60. re-
    again or back (prefix)
  61. con-, syn-, sym-
    together or with (three types, prefix)
  62. dys-
    painful, difficult, or faulty (prefix)
  63. eu-
    good or normal (prefix)
  64. neo-
    new (prefix)
  65. -genesis
    origin or production (suffix)
  66. -lysis
    breaking down or dissolution (suffix)
  67. -oid
    resembling (suffix)
  68. -penia
    abnormal reduction (suffix)
  69. -rrhea
    discharge (suffix)
  70. -spasm
    involuntary contraction (suffix)
  71. -cele
    pouching or hernia (suffix)
  72. -emia
    blood condition (suffix)
  73. -iasis
    formation or presence of (suffix)
  74. -malacia
    softening (suffix)
  75. -oma
    tumor (suffix)
  76. -osis
    condition or increase (suffix)
  77. -phil or philia
    attraction for (two types, suffix)
  78. -ptosis
    falling or downward displacement (suffix)
  79. -rrhage or -rrhagia
    to burst forth (usually blood) (two type, suffix)
  80. -centesis
    puncture for aspiration (suffix)
  81. -desis
    binding (suffix)
  82. -pexy
    suspension or fixation (suffix)
  83. -plasty
    surgical repair or reconstruction (suffix)
  84. -ation
    process (suffix)
  85. -e
    general indicator that a word is a person, place, or thing (suffix)
  86. -y
    condition or process of (suffix)
  87. -icle, -ole, -ula, -ule
    small (four types suffix)
  88. -gram
    record (suffix)
  89. -graph
    instrument for recording (suffix)
  90. -graphy
    process of recording (suffix)
  91. -iatrics, -iatry
    treatment (two types suffix)
  92. -logist
    one who specializes in the study or treatment of (suffix)
  93. -ist
    one who specializes in (suffix)
  94. -meter
    instrument for measuring (suffix)
  95. -metry
    process of measuring (suffix)
  96. -poiesis
    formation (suffix)
  97. -scope
    instrument for examination (suffix)
  98. -scopy
    process of examination (suffix)
  99. -stasis
    stop or stand (suffix)
  100. cyan/o
    blue (combing verb)
  101. erythr/o
    red (combing verb)
  102. leuk/o
    white (combing verb)
  103. melan/o
    black (combing verb)
  104. aer/o
    air, gas (combing verb)
  105. hydr/o
    water (combing verb)
  106. py/o
    pus (combing verb)
  107. abdomin/o or lapar/o
    abdomen (two types combing verb)
  108. acr/o
    extremity or topmost (combing verb)
  109. aden/o
    gland (combing verb)
  110. arthr/o
    joint (combing verb)
  111. cephal/o
    head (combing verb)
  112. col/o or colon/o
    colon (two types combing verb)
  113. cyt/o
    cell (combing verb)
  114. derm/o, dermat/o, cutane/o
    skin (three types combing verb)
  115. hist/o
    tissue (combing verb)
  116. my/o or muscul/o
    muscle (combing verb)
  117. nas/o or rhin/o
    nose (two types combing verb)
  118. nephr/o or ren/o
    kidney (two types combing verb)
  119. neur/o
    nerve (combing verb)
  120. or/o
    mouth (combing verb)
  121. pneum/o or pneumon/o
    air or lung (two types of combing verbs)
  122. carcin/o
    cancer (combing verb)
  123. crin/o
    to secrete (combing verb)
  124. esthesi/o
    sensation (combing verb)
  125. fibr/o
    fiber (combing verb)
  126. gen/o
    origin or production (combing verb)
  127. gynec/o
    woman (combing verb)
  128. lith/o
    stone (combing verb)
  129. morph/o
    form (combing verb)
  130. necr/o
    death (combing verb)
  131. onc/o
    tumor or mass (combing verb)
  132. orth/o
    straight, normal, or correct (combing verb)
  133. path/o
    disease (combing verb)
  134. ped/o
    child or foot (combing verb)
  135. phag/o
    eat or swallow (combing verb)
  136. phas/o
    speech (combing verb)
  137. psych/o
    mind (combing verb)
  138. scler/o
    hard (combing verb)
  139. son/o
    sound (combing verb)
  140. sten/o
    narrow (combing verb)
  141. therm/o
    heat (combing verb)
  142. tox/o or toxic/o
    poison (combing verb)
  143. troph/o
    nourishment or development (combing verb)
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