American Cultures Midterms

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  1. Reasons for the Age of Discovery
    • Crusades
    • Weapons
    • Technology
    • Christianity
    • Direct Trade Route to Asia
  2. Pull factors for settlement in the colonies
    • Word-of-mouth info about America
    • Effective work and writing by recruiters
    • Appeal of land and economic opportunities
    • Desire to join earlier migrants to America
    • Safe pursuit of personal religious beliefs
    • Hope of educating & converting Indians
  3. Push factors for settlement in the colonies
    • Escape religious persecution
    • Anxiety about political change in Europe
    • Dismay over economy; need for farmland
    • Relief from joblessness or personal adversity
    • Restlessness and desire for adventure
  4. Three types of colonies
    • Royal - under control of the Crown
    • Proprietary - owned by individuals or families
    • Charter/Corporate - charters are issued in the name of a corporation of people (companies evolve into governments)
  5. Puritans vs Separatists
    • Separatists believed in a total break from the Church of England, felt they had to share churches with the "damned", believed only visible saints should be admitted to church membership
    • Puritans simply wanted to purify the Anglican Church bc they thought it was too Catholic, believed in predestination, were against religious tolerance, were practical, plain-spoken, business-like, & pious
  6. economic policy under which a nation accumulates wealth by exporting more goods than it imports
    belief countries should do everything possible to increase their wealth
  7. British policy which allowed the colonies virtual self-rule as long as GB was gaining econoically
    salutary neglect
  8. named in honor of the brother of the king, previously referred to as New Netherland
    New York
  9. NA for "great mountain place"
  10. Named for Virginia's colonial gov. along w/ ariver and the bay it empties into
  11. Named for the father of this colony's founder and the Latin word for wood, Silva
  12. Named for either a famous island in the Mediterranean or for its red clay (the Dutch word Rood)
    Rhode Island
  13. NA for "besides the long tidal river"
  14. Named for Queen Elizabeth I
  15. Named for the wife of King Charles I
  16. Named for a county in England
    New Hampshire
  17. Named for King George II
  18. Named after the largest of the English Channel islands
    New Jersey
  19. Named for King Charles II
  20. Key Revolutionary War Battles:
    Bunker Hill
    • Key Revolutionary War Battles:
    • Lexington - LOST
    • Concord - WIN
    • Bunker Hill - LOST
    • Trenton - WIN
    • Princeton - WIN
    • Saratoga - WIN - French Alliance
    • Yorktown - Cornwallis surrenders
  21. Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation
    • unicameral congress [9 of 13 to pass a law]
    • 13 out of 13 to amend
    • representatives were frequently absent
    • couldn't tax, raise armies, control trade, or coin currency [13 different currencies, trade almost impossible]
    • no executive or judicial branches
  22. Washington's Cabinet
    • Hamilton - secretary of treasury
    • Jefferson - secretary of state
    • Knox - secretary of war
    • Randolph - 1st attorney general
  23. Federalists vs Anti-Federalists
    • Federalists: favored ratification of Constitution
    • Favored strong central govt.
    • Many found in urban areas
    • Better organized – built a nationwide network of support; Washington & Franklin
    • helped
    • Credited for the Constitution
    • Washington, Madison, Hamilton

    • Anti-Federalists: Believed
    • the Constitution decreased power of the people
    • Feared strong central govt.
    • Many were common farmers who feared foreclosure
    • State politicians struggled to build alliances across state lines
    • Credited for the fed. Bill of Rights
    • P. Henry, Sam. Adams, John Hancock
  24. Important precedents set by Washington
    • Appointing a cabinet
    • Handling Crisis: Whiskey Rebellion
    • American neutrality
    • State of the Union Address
    • Stepping down from power – 2 terms
    • Cautioned forming political parties
  25. Causes of War of 1812
    • Napoleonic Wars - Br. vs Fr.
    • Chesapeake-Leopard "Affair"
    • The Embargo Act
    • The Non-Intercourse Act
    • Br. Instigation of Indians
  26. Characteristics of Era of Good Feelings
    • one political party
    • nationalism
    • westward expansion
    • economic prosperity
    • industrial beginnings
    • internal improvements
  27. Mexican War results
    • Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildago:
    • Mexico gave up claims to Texas above Rio Grande Riv.
    • Mex. gave US CA & NM - we basically take 1/3 of Mex.
    • US gave Mex. $15 million & agreed to pay claims of American citizens against Mex.
  28. Characteristics of the Gilded Age
    • 2-Party stalemate
    • intense voter loyalty to the 2 major political parties
    • well-defined voting blocs
    • very laissez-faire fed. govt.
    • presidency as symbolic office
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