Social Context of Adolescence

  1. When is adolescence?
    period of growth between childhood and adulthood (11-13 years)
  2. When do most people mark the beginning of adolescence?
  3. What are the approaches to studying adolescence?
    • Eclectic (interdisciplinary)
    • Biological
    • Cognitive
    • Psychosexual
    • Social Relationships
  4. What is a juvenile?
    a teenager who is not yet considered an adult in the eyes of the law (those 17 and younger)
  5. What is a cohort?
    a group of individuals who are born at approximately the same time and share traits because they experienced the same historical events
  6. What is emerging adulthood?
    the stage of life between adolescence and young adulthood
  7. Which generation is the first recording of adolescence?
    lost generation
  8. What is a schema?
    an internal working model that shapes how you think and behave in different situations
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Social Context of Adolescence
Social changes adolescence experience over time