1. Adamant
    Any substance with exceeding hardness
  2. Adumbrate
    To sketch
  3. Agog
    With eager desire
  4. Alcove
    A covered recess connected with or at the side of a larger room
  5. Animadversion
    Censure, criticism
  6. Apogee
  7. Apostate
  8. Apotheosis
  9. Apposite
  10. Approbation
    Official approval, sanction
  11. Arboreal
    Of or pertaining to trees
  12. Argot
    A specialized vocabulary peculiar to a particular group
  13. Arrant
    Notoriously bad
  14. Ascribe
    To attribute to
  15. Asperity
    Roughness of temper
  16. Astringent
    Harsh in disposition or character
  17. Augury
  18. Auspicious
    Favorable omen
  19. Autocrat
    Absolute ruler with infinite power
  20. Aver
    To prove
  21. Avow
    To declare openly
  22. Baleful
    Harmful, malignant
  23. Banal
  24. Beatfiy
    To make supremely happy
  25. Bedaub
    To smear over, as with something oily or sticky
  26. Bellicose
    Agressive, warlike
  27. Blandishment
    Flattery intended to persuade
  28. Blatant
    Offensively loud, clamorous
  29. Blithe
  30. Bombast
    Inflated or extravagant language, especially on unimportant subjects
  31. Boorish
  32. Broach
    To bring up a topic
  33. Bumptious
  34. Burnish
    To polish
  35. Cabal
    A number of people united for their private purpose.
  36. cajole
    To persuade by flattering
  37. Callow
    Young and inexperienced, fledgling
  38. Calumny
  39. Cant
    To talk in a whining or singsong tone
  40. Capacious
  41. Capitulate
    To surrender
  42. Captious
    Hypercritical, tending to find faults
  43. Castigate
    To punish
  44. Centurion
    The leader of 100 soldiers (ancient Rome)
  45. Chagrin
    Embarrassment, vexation
  46. Chary
    Wary, careful
  47. Chicanery
  48. Circumlocution
    Indirect expression
  49. Coddle
    To treat tenderly as a baby, pamper
  50. Coeval
    Of the same period; contemporary
  51. Cogitate
    Consider carefully and deeply, ponder
  52. Cognizant
    Taking notice
  53. Colloquial
    Informal speech
  54. Collusion
    A secret agreement for a wrongful purpose
  55. Comestible
  56. Commemorate
    To serve as a remembrance of
  57. Complaisance
  58. Comport
    To behave properly
  59. Compunction
    Remorseful feeling
  60. Conflagration
    A great, uncontrolled fire
  61. Confluence
    The place where 2 bodies of water meet
  62. Congeal
    To coagulate
  63. Consternation
  64. Consummate
    To bring to completion
  65. Contiguous
    Connected; touching at boundary
  66. Contrite
  67. Contumacious
  68. Copious
  69. Cornucopia
    The horn of plenty, symbolizing prosperity
  70. Corporeal
    Of a material nature; physical
  71. Countervail
    To offset, compensate for
  72. Crass
    Crude, unrefined
  73. Curtail
    To cut short, truncate
  74. Cynosure
    A center of attention
  75. Deign
    To deem worthy of notice
  76. Deluge
    To inundate
  77. Denizen
    An inhabitant
  78. Denouement
    The conclusion or resolution of a plot
  79. Deposition
    Testimony legally taken on interrogatories and reduced to writing, for use as evidence in court
  80. Deprave
    To corrupt
  81. Deprecate
    To express strong disapproval of, deplore
  82. Descry
    To discern, detect
  83. Desuetude
    A state of disuse or inactivity
  84. Didactic
  85. Disallow
    To refuse to allow
  86. Discomfort
    To confuse, disconcert
  87. Disconcert
    To disturb the composure of, discomfit
  88. Disconsolate
  89. Discountenance
    To look upon with disfavor
  90. Disheveled
  91. Dissent
  92. Edacious
    Having an insatiable appetite; voracious, ravenous, piggish
  93. Educe
    To bring out, elicit, deduce
  94. Effete
  95. Egregious
    Conspicuously bad
  96. Egress
  97. Elucidate
    To clarify
  98. Emaciate
    To make thin
  99. Emblazon
    To praise, extol
  100. Encumbrance
    A burden
  101. Entreat
    To ask for or request earnestly
  102. Epicurean
    Devoted to pleasure, hedonic
  103. Epithet
    An adjective phrase attached to the name of a person or thing
  104. Equable
    Not varying; serene
  105. Equanimity
  106. Errant
    Roving or wandering, as in search of adventure
  107. Espy
    To descry
  108. Evanescent
  109. Evince
    To express, manifest
  110. Expatiate
    To speak or write in great detail
  111. Expiate
    To atone
  112. Explicate
    To explain
  113. Expostulate
    To reason earnestly with someone against something that person intends to do or has done, remonstrate
  114. Expropriate
    To deprive of possession, confiscate
  115. Extant
  116. Extempore
    Without prior preparation
  117. Extenuate
    To diminish the importance of
  118. Extirpate
    To eradicate
  119. Factious
    Dissenting, discordant
  120. Fawn
    A baby deer
  121. Finesse
    Subtly skillful handling of a situation
  122. Flippant
    Lacking respect or seriousness, showing levity; pert
  123. Flout
    To treat with contempt, scoff, scorn
  124. Foible
    A flaw; idiosyncrasy
  125. Foppish
    Like a fop, a man overly concerned with his appearance, dandified
  126. Forswear
    To renounce or deny something under oath
  127. Fugacious
    Fleeting, ephemeral
  128. Fulminate
    To cause to explode; criticize severely
  129. Fulsome
    Offensively and excessively flattering, unctuous
  130. Gainsay
    To contradict, deny
  131. Gamut
    A complete range or extent
  132. Germane
  133. Gesticulate
    To express through gestures
  134. Gossamer
    Something extremely light, flimsy, or delicate
  135. Halcyon
  136. Harbringer
    Something that precedes and indicates the approach of something
  137. Hirsute
  138. Hoodwink
    To deceive, bamboozle
  139. Ignoble
    Not noble, plebeian, common
  140. Ignominious
  141. Illicit
  142. Imbroglio
    A misunderstanding of bitter nature
  143. Immaculate
  144. Imminent
    About to happen
  145. Impecunious
    Having no money
  146. Imperious
    Domineering in a haughty manner
  147. Importunate
    Pressing, urgent
  148. Importune
    To harass with persistent demands
  149. Impugn
    To verbally assault
  150. Inane
    Silly, asinine, fatuous
  151. Incessant
  152. Inchoate
    Incipient, beginning
  153. Inculcate
    To teach by frequent repetitions
  154. Indelible
    Cannot be removed or erased
  155. Indigence
  156. Indomitable
    Impossible to subdue
  157. Ineffable
  158. Ineluctable
  159. Inexorable
    Unable to be persuaded
  160. Inscrutable
    Impossible to comprehend
  161. Insipid
    Bland, tasteless
  162. Insouciant
  163. Insurrection
  164. Interdict
    Authoritative act of prohibition
  165. Introspection
    The contemplation of your own thoughts
  166. Invalid
    One who is disabled by illness or injury
  167. Inveigh
    To utter vehement censure or invective
  168. Inveterate
  169. Invidious
    Showing envy
  170. Iota
    A tiny amount
  171. Irate
  172. Irksome
    Tedious, wearisome
  173. Ire
  174. Junta
    A group ruling a country, esp. immediately after a coup
  175. Lackadaisical
    Lacking vigor, listless, lethargic
  176. Lascivious
    Driven by lust
  177. Legacy
  178. Lexicon
    A dictionary
  179. Libel
    Defamation, calumny, vilification, slander
  180. Licentious
    Immoral, wanton
  181. Lugubrious
    Excessively mournful
  182. Malaise
    A physical discomfort
  183. Mellifluous
  184. Mendicant
  185. Meretricious
    Showy, gaudy, tawdry
  186. Mettle
  187. Microcosm
    A miniature of the world
  188. Mien
    A person's manner or appearance
  189. Miscreant
    Reprobate, villian
  190. Misnomer
    Misapplied name
  191. Molt
    To cast off, as hair, feathers, etc
  192. Mordant
    Biting, caustic, acerbic
  193. Moribund
  194. Noisome
    Offensive, as an odor; noxious
  195. Quack
    Medically unqualified, charlatan
  196. Nostrum
    panacea, quack medicine
  197. Nugatory
    Trifling, trivial, worthless
  198. Obfuscate
    To obscure
  199. Obstreperous
    Noisy, clamorous, boisterous
  200. Obtrude
    To push (oneself, one's opinions, etc) on others in an unwelcome way
  201. Odious
    Hateful, abominable
  202. Officious
  203. Ominous
    Exhibiting bad omen, portentous
  204. Onus
    Onerous task, burden
  205. Opprobrium
    Reproach or censure
  206. Palate
    The roof of the mouth
  207. Palatial
    Resembling a palace, magnificent
  208. Palpable
    Capable of being perceived, especially by touch
  209. Panegyric
  210. Panoply
    A complete set of armor
  211. Paroxysm
    A sudden outburst of any kind of activity
  212. Penurious
    Parsimonious, excessively unwilling to spend
  213. Peregrination
  214. Peremptory
    Precluding question or appeal, dictatorial
  215. Persiflage
    Banter, friendly teasing
  216. Petulant
  217. Physiognomy
    The external appearance, especially the face
  218. Platitude
    A trite or obvious remark
  219. Plenary
  220. Plumb
    A weight suspended by a line to test the verticality of something
  221. Poignant
    Keenly distressing to the feelings
  222. Ponderous
    Of great weight, massive
  223. Portend
    Foretell, augur, forebode
  224. Portent
  225. Precarious
    Dangerous; perilous
  226. Precocious
    Unusually advanced or mature in development, esp. mental development
  227. Prescience
    Knowledge of things before they exist or happen; foreknowledge; foresight
  228. Preternatural
  229. Prevaricate
    To lie
  230. Prim
    Formally proper
  231. Probity
    Uprightness, rectitude
  232. Proclivity
    Natural inclination, propensity, predisposition
  233. Prodigious
    Immense, colossal
  234. Profligate
    Shamelessly immoral or debauched
  235. Prolix
  236. Propinquity
  237. Propitious
    Favorable, auspicious
  238. Prosaic
  239. Proscribe
    To prohibit
  240. Protuberant
    Bulging, protruding
  241. Prudent
    Careful, provident
  242. Puerile
  243. Pugnacious
    Quarrelsome, belligerent
  244. Punctilious
    Attentive to detail, meticulous
  245. Pusillanimous
    Timid, cowardly
  246. Pyre
    A heap of combustibles arranged for burning a dead body
  247. Qualm
    A sudden feeling of sickness or nausea
  248. Quandary
    A predicament, dilemma
  249. Quiescent
    Being inactive
  250. Quixotic
  251. Raconteur
  252. Ramify
    To divide into branches
  253. Rapacious
    Voracious, avaricious, given to taking by force
  254. Reactionary
    Conservative, opposing political change
  255. Rebuff
    A peremptory refusal of a request
  256. Recalcitrant
  257. Recrudescent
    Breaking out again, recurring
  258. Redoubtable
  259. Refractory
    Impossible to control
  260. Regale
    To delight
  261. Regicide
    The killing of a king
  262. Remonstrate
    To protest
  263. Repast
    A meal
  264. Repine
    To fret, complain
  265. Requite
    To repay
  266. Retinue
    The group of people who accompany an important person during travels, suite
  267. Risible
    Capable of causing laughter, ludicrous
  268. Ruffian
    A tough, lawless person, roughneck, bully
  269. Ruminate
    To chew again
  270. Salacious
    Lustful, lecherous, lewd, wanton, lascivious, libidinous
  271. Salutary
  272. Sardonic
  273. Satyr
    A lascivious man, lecher
  274. Scabbard
    The sheath of a sword
  275. Scintilla
    A trace or spark
  276. Sedulous
    Persevering, assiduous, diligent
  277. Sinuous
  278. Skiff
    A small boat
  279. Sluggard
    A lazy person
  280. Solace
    Comfort in sorrow
  281. Somniferous
    Soporific, sleep inducing
  282. Sonorous
  283. Sophistry
    An argument that seems plausible, but is fallacious or misleading
  284. Sordid
    Filthy, morally degraded
  285. Specious
  286. Spurious
    Not genuine, specious
  287. Squalid
    Dirty, sordid
  288. Stanch
    To stop the flow of
  289. Subterfuge
    Deception used to evade something
  290. Sumptuous
    Rich and costly
  291. Supercilious
    Displaying arrogant pride
  292. Supersede
    To displace, supplant
  293. Supplicate
    To plead, implore, crave, solicit, beseech
  294. Sybarite
    A luxurious person, voluptuary
  295. Taut
    Tightly stretched, tense
  296. Temerity
    Audacity, effrontery, foolhardiness
  297. Travail
    Hard or agonizing labor, toil
  298. Trenchant
    Biting, caustic
  299. Turbid
    In a state of turmoil, muddled
  300. Tyro
    A neophyte, beginner
  301. Umbrage
  302. Subvert
    To undermine
  303. Untoward
    Not favorable
  304. Vagary
    A sudden desire or action
  305. Vainglory
    Excessive elation or pride over one's own achievements, boastful vanity
  306. Valorous
    Valient, courageous
  307. Vapid
    Insipid, flavorless
  308. Venal
    Mercenary, corruptible
  309. Venial
    Able to be forgiven or pardoned, minor
  310. Verbiage
    Verbosity, prolixity
  311. Veritable
  312. Vicissitude
  313. Virago
    A noisy or scolding or domineering woman, amazon
  314. Virtu
    Rare, beutiful quality
  315. Vitiate
    To corrupt
  316. Vituperate
    To censure, vilify, berate
  317. Vivify
    To give life to, animate
  318. Vociferous
  319. Voluble
    Glib, garrulous, loquacious
  320. Winsome
  321. Zeitgeist
    The spirit of the time
  322. Epicure
    A connoisseur, gourmet; voluptuary
  323. Carouse
    To revel, regale, delight
  324. Pensive
  325. Constellation
    A group or configuration
  326. Bungler
    An inept person
  327. Cider
    A beverage made from apple juice
  328. Score
    Set of 20
  329. Entrench
    To settle, ensconce; trespass, infringe, encroach
  330. Acclimate
    To adapt
  331. Delimit
    To demarcate, outline, delineate, delimitate, subtend
  332. Quarry
    A pit; prey
  333. Covetous
    Envious; greedy, rapacious, avaricious
  334. Conviction
    A firm belief; a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case
  335. Aversion
  336. Dote
    To love excessively
  337. Dawdle
    To waste time; idle; trifle; loiter
  338. Squalor
    Sordidness, poverty
  339. Nexus
    A link, bond
  340. Vinculum
    A bond, nexus
  341. Pacific
  342. Pestilent
    Harmful, pernicious; likely to cause an epidemic disease
  343. Botany
    The study of plants
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