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  1. LVT's regulated by who now?
    Texas state board of veterinary medical examiners
  2. TSBVME in charge of
    Testing and licensing
  3. TSBVME license who?
    • 1) Veterinarians
    • 2) Equine dental examiners
    • 3) Veterinary technicians
  4. Why being LVT is better than RVT
    • 1) More responsible for ourselves
    • 2) Can now lose license or be fined if involved in malpractice suit
    • 3) Listed in practice act now
  5. How often is practice act renewed?
    10-12 years
  6. Practice act being reviewed known as
    Sunset review
  7. Organization with TVMA
    Technician Oversite Committee
  8. New name for TARVT
    Texas Veterinary Medical Team Association
  9. How many members on state boards?
    • 9 members:
    • 6 Veterinarians
    • 3 public members
  10. What year did RVT's make it in the rules of conduct act
  11. Board means
    State board of Veterinary Medical examiners
  12. Certified Veterinary Assistant means
    Person who has been certified as a certified veterinary assistant by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and is employed by a licensed vet
  13. Compensation means
    Fee, monetary reward, discount, or emolument, whether received directly or indirectly
  14. Direct supervision means
    Supervision of a person by a responsible veterinarian who is physically present on the premises
  15. Equine dentistry means
    Any diagnosis, treatment, or surgical procedure performed on the head or oral cavity of an equine.
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