Space Chapter 9

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  1. Milky Way
    • Our galaxy
    • Spiral galaxy
    • We cannot properly study our galaxy because we are inside it
    • By mapping galaxies with radio waves astronomers have determined the diameter to be 100 000 light-years
    • Part of a local group containing forty other galaxies
  2. Galxay
    • Collection of billions of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity
    • Found throughout the universe
    • Vary greatly in size and shape
    • Three types: spiral, elliptical, irregular
  3. Spiral Galaxy
    • Looks like a windmill or pinwheel
    • Has a central bulge with arms spiraling out
    • Classified by how tightly wound arms are
    • Has gas and dust available for new stars
  4. Elliptical Galaxy
    • No spiral structure
    • Vary in shape from spherical to elongated
    • Tend to be older galaxies with little to no new star formation in them
    • Some of the oldest stars in the universe
    • Largest galaxies in the universe
  5. Irregular Galaxies
    • No regular shape like spiral or spherical
    • Made of new and old stars
  6. Star Cluster
    • Groups of stars held together by gravity and travel together
    • Range from 10 stars to a million
  7. Open Cluster
    • Collection of 50-1000 stars
    • Appear along the main band of the milky way
  8. Globular Cluster
    • Collection of 100 000 to a million stars arranged in a distinctive shape
    • Appear in the center of the milky way
  9. Local Group
    • Milky way is part of a local group with a diameter of 10 million light-years
    • Andromeda and the milky way are the largest in our local group
  10. Supercluster
    • Gigantic cluster of 4 to 25 cluster galaxies which is hundreds of millions of light-years in size
    • astronomers theorize that there might be 125 billion galaxies
  11. Shapes of Galaxies
  12. Cosmology
  13. Doppler Effect
  14. Redshift
  15. Blueshift
  16. Big Bang
  17. CMB Radiation
  18. Dark Matter
  19. Dark Energy
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