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  1. Due to the increased rotor wash of the mv22 increasesed emphasis on sight selection should be made. True or false
  2. The only rappel station available on the mv22 is
    Single ramp station
  3. The optimum height for rappel is
    80 ft
  4. The max elevation for rappel is
    100 ft
  5. The only personnel authorized to rappel out of the mv22 are
    Hrst masters (y9d), assault climbers (yak), mountain Ldrs (m7a), and they have received formal training in self-belay and self-rescue
  6. Rappel equipment required for rigging
    2 static ropes, 6 locking carabiners
  7. The ramp rope rappel station is rigged by using?
    2 re directed directional figure 8s and a figure 8
  8. Before conducting any ramp rappel ops you must?
    Pad the ramp and ramp sides to protect the rope
  9. During the rappelling in what direction must they exit form the ramp?
    Straight back IOT avoid getting the off the side of the ramp
  10. The recommend belay/ self rescue method is?
    Rescue 8 descender, pre staged Prussic
  11. The only available fast rope station is located where?
    Single RAMP station
  12. The only time to deploy rope/ fast rope or rappel is during helicopter mode . T/f
  13. How many ropers are authorized on a single fast rope at a time?
    3 unless restricted by squadron
  14. The length of authorized fast rope
  15. Altitudes below 10ft agl and maximum 40 ft agl are not recommend? T/f
  16. What is ideal height for fast roping an in urban environment ?
    10-20 ft
  17. The length of fast rope authorized when above 40 ft is?
    120 ft rope required
  18. When fast roping with a 50 lb sustainment load it is not recommend to go above 20ft? T/f
  19. Equipment required for fast roping
    One fast rope and one double pommel
  20. The use of rope deployment bags/ aviator kit base are authorized? True or false?
  21. When Condcting fast rope operations the first how many ropers anchor the bottom of the fast rope?
    The first 3
  22. What mode must the mv22 be in IOT conduct spie operations
    The vtol (helicopter) mode
  23. When conducting spie what is the maximum hover hight
    80 ft
  24. A double spie line in required for all wet ops? True or false?
  25. Equipment required for spie operations are?
    1 spie line, 2 11ft type 26 cargo slings, 4 type 4 connectors, 16 locking carabiners
  26. The spie line may be rigged and ran to the 2 o'clock position for admin training or passed hand over hand through the hell hole. True or false?
  27. What must be removed IOT conduct spie operations out of the mv22
    The aircraft cargo hook
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