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  1. What is the minimum rank to be assigned as a Primary Command DAPA?
    E7 (assistant DAPAs should be E5 or above)
  2. What form of sexual discrimination involves indecent touching with unwanted advance and use of force?Sexual assault
  3. Which instruction provides leaders with information regarding benefits for Sailors that are retiring or separating from Naval Service?
  4. How many lines are between Signature Block and “Copy To”?
  5. Directives containing classified information shall be assigned the appropriate classification level and marked per which instruction?
    SECNAVINST 5510.36
  6. When an instruction’s subject identification number is followed by an “A” what does the “A” mean?
    First revision
  7. Which BUMED instruction provides policy and guidance for controlling tuberculosis among DON military personnel?
    BUMEDINST 6224.8
  8. How do you track military personnel’s annual medical physical items?
  9. How many years is a fixed apporation used for?
    5 (2,3,4)
  10. If a Sailor returns to clinic more than 72 hours after tuberculin skin test is placed and now has 12mm induration, how do you record result?
    NOT READ, (negative, positive, 12mm)
  11. What condition may happen to a patient that is Erythrocyte Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficient if you give them Primaquine to treat Malaria?
  12. All fixed shore-based MTFs must implement a QA program and maintain accreditation with which organization?
    JCO (Joint Commission Organization) {{formerly known as JCAHO}}
  13. MTFs QA Program objectives need to do what 3 things to reduce exposure to liability?
    Identify, asses, and decrease risk to patients and staff
  14. Who gives written designation to a Patient Customer Service Representative at an MTF?
    Commanding Officer, (SMO, SMDR, XO)
  15. Where do medical departments input data for military health readiness afloat?
    SAMS (MRRS, …)
  16. Mortality rate of someone not treated for subcutaneous anthrax?
    5% - 20%
  17. Which chapter of the MANMED pertains to Reports?
  18. Which STD is NOT required to be reported in all 50 States?
    Hepatitis (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphillis)
  19. What do you do with extra amalgam scraps?
    RECYCLE (dispose in BioHaz, throw in trash, place in Sharp’s container)
  20. When you find amalgam waste in a dental treatment office, how do you collect/store the waste?
    Covered plastic container (Bottle half full of water, Sharp’s container)
  21. Which instruction provides standards for management of medical or infectious waste?
    BUMEDINST 6280.1
  22. Which instruction provides policy on the Dental Infection Control Program?
    BUMEDINST 6600.10
  23. Where do you separate infectious waste from non-infectious waste?
    At point of origin
  24. All members with occupational exposure to infectious waste shall receive training prior to beginning work and how often thereafter?
  25. When a Sailor goes overseas unaccompanied, what immunization record will suffice for the member to take with him/her?
    PHS Form 731 (International Certificate of Vaccinations)
  26. Which immunization is required for all Navy alert forces?
  27. Which form of Anthrax is almost uniformly fatal once symptoms develop?
  28. Where do you dispose dressings that contain very small amounts of blood or saliva?
    General waste/trash
  29. How is an operational force that is required to deploy rated in regards to their operational readiness measures?
  30. Individuals TAD for an extended amount of time should receive what type of eval?
    • Concurrent
    • All members of the CSIB must be appointed in writing by who?
    • Commanding Officer
  31. How often must unannounced CSIB inventories of all Schedule II controlled substances at branch pharmacies be conducted?
    Quarterly (yes, qtr > not monthly…per BUMEDINST 6710.70 and MANMED Ch 21)
  32. The CSIB Chairperson will forward completed inventory reports to whom?
    Commanding Officer
  33. How often is water tested in a field environment?
  34. What is the drug of choice for treating Beriberi?
  35. The use of rubber, plastic, paper, foil, or other fluid resistant materials to cover surfaces and protect them from contamination is known as what technique?
    Barrier technique
  36. What would you use to cover dental chairs when items will not be used for a month to preserve their function and cleanliness?
  37. Which form of the Plague is characterized by acute onset of fever and prostration in association with acute, painful lymphadenitis in the lymph node croup draining site of the fleabite?
    Bubonic plague
  38. Which disease is characterized by macular rash that quickly turns to papular rash to face, hands, and forearms that spreads to lower extremities and truck?
  39. Decontamination of most biologically contaminated patients and equipment can be accomplished with what?
    Soap and water
  40. Which schedule of controlled substances are drugs with no acceptable medical use and a very high abuse potential?
  41. DD Form 1289 (Single Script) need what two demographic items written on the form?
    Name and DOB (SSN not needed per MANMED Ch 21)
  42. When is a provider allowed to directly give patients medications at time of visit?
    When a PMDP is established (when they have pharmaceutical samples available, when there is an OTC program established, never allowed){{PMDP = Prescribers Medication Dispensing Program}}
  43. What do you do with expired medications?
    Reverse distribution (Flush down toilet, place in sharp’s container, …)

    • (a) How often should completed NAVMED 6710/4s be removed from the Narcotic and Controlled Drug Book and (b) how long to you need to hold onto old NAVMED 6170/4s in the pharmacy for storage?
    • (a) every 3 months and (b) minimum of 2 years
  44. Which schedule of controlled substances are drugs having an acceptable medical use and a very high abuse potential?
  45. How many commissioned officers need to be a member(s) of the CSIB?
    One (yes one, per MANMED Ch 21)
  46. Individuals receiving medications for beneficiaries other than themselves should provide reasonable proof of patient consent. What meets this criteria?
    Legal proof (2 forms of ID, letter…)
  47. A provider wrote a patient for a wrong medication, but the error was caught prior to giving the patient the med. Which report needs to be submitted per BUMED guidelines?
  48. A prescription for a controlled substance classified as a DEA Schedule II shall be filled within how many days of the date originally written?
    30 days
  49. Which schedule of controlled medications shall not be refilled?
  50. When controlled substances that are not returnable need to be destructed, what does NOT need to be recorded on the certification form?
    MAA Signature (Method of destruction, complete nomenclature, quantity to be destroyed)
  51. What drug book is known as “The Blue Bible ”?
    The Pharmaceutical Basis of Therapeutics (Goodman and Gilman)
  52. What drug book is most widely used text/reference in American Pharmacy?
    Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences
  53. What temperature do you store dead bodies at to minimize cellular deterioration?
    36-40˚ F
  54. Which Federal Supply Code (FSC) is used for surgical gauze?
  55. Which medical supplies are listed under FSC 6508?
  56. Which FSC is used for Keflex (medications)?
  57. Which FSC is used for surgical instruments?
  58. A patient exposed to which chemical agent would you want to provide oxygen to?
    CG (Phosgene)
  59. Which disease is produced by an inactive hypothalamus and is characterized by a deficiency of the antidiuretic hormone (ADH)?
    Diabetes Insipidus
  60. The presence or reasonably expected presence of blood or other potentially infectious material on an item or surface is said to be what?
    Contaminated (Infected, dirty, ….)
  61. The skin harbors two types of flora. What are they?
    Resident and Transient
  62. What can survive and multiply on the skin, can be cultured repeatedly from the skin, are usually of low virulence and are not easily removed?
    Resident organisms
  63. What do not survive and multiple on the skin and are not firmly attached?
    Transient bacteria
  64. The surgical hand scrub is performed to?
    Reduce transient bacteria to a minimum on the hands and forearms
  65. Dry heat at temperatures above what temperature will achieve sterilization?
  66. What is the appropriate procedure to follow when biological agents are known to have been placed in your drinking water?
    Never (Iodine tablets, Bleach, do nothing){{ True answer = Boil the water before you drink any of it}}
  67. What part of the Infantry Battalion is the most forward deployed and most mobile and has 2 medical officers and 65 Corpsmen attached to it?
    BAS (Battalion Aid Station)
  68. A Marine or Sailor needing an Urgent MEDEVAC must be transported in how many hours?
  69. Dropping a metal basin on the OR floor may cause a violent response from a general anesthesia patient in what stage of anesthesia?
    II (Stage of Excitement)
  70. Which stage of general anesthesia is it safe to operate?
    III (Operative Stage)
  71. In the communication process, which trait is considered the most critical skill?
  72. On a DD 1289, what part lists the names and quantities of the drug being prescribed?
    Inscription (Superscription, Signa, Subscription)
  73. On a DD 1289, what part informs the patient how to take the medication?
    Signa (Subscription, Superscription, Inscription)
  74. The symbol for Phosgene gas is?
  75. What means a disease causing agent or microorganism?
  76. Which form is used to record dental treatment?
    EZ 603A
  77. What type of secondary record consists of original health care documentation withheld from a patient’s primary health record or OREC?
    Ancillary record (Ghost, Temp, Shadow){{ Ancillary records used for Mental Health}}
  78. Who provides medical attention at the first point of contact for a wounded, sick or injured Marine?
    First responder (Unit Corpsman)
  79. How many people can a straddle trench service?
    25 (20, 30, 35)
  80. Which TRICARE option is a fee-for-service option available world wide?
    TRICARE Standard
  81. Which TRICARE option does NOT have a co-pay, but you have to choose a network provider?
    TRICARE Prime
  82. Which TRICARE option allows you to choose a non-network provider, but pay a co-pay?
    TRICARE Standard
  83. If you opt to disenroll your family from TRICARE Standard, how long will you have to wait to re-enroll?
    6 months (1 month, 3 months, 12 months)
  84. If you were admitted for emergency treatment, how long do you have to contact and notify TRICARE?
    24 hours
  85. All reported incidents of sexual harassment shall be investigated and resolved at what level?
    Lowest appropriate
  86. During the Revolutionary War, what are the three types of ships?
    Ships of the Line, Sloops of War, Frigates
  87. How many days do you have to submit a rebuttal for eval?
    2 years
  88. How many zones are used to describe sexual harassment behavior?
    3 {{Red light, yellow light, green light}}
  89. What is the purpose of SOFA?
    Establishes guidelines for interaction with military personnel in overseas locations
  90. What form of regional anesthesia is placed in the subcutaneous tissue at site of injury?
  91. What type of anesthesia is NOT a form of spinal anesthesia?
    Thoracic, (Epidural, Caudal, Saddle)
  92. Which form of anesthesia numbs you from umbilicus to toes?
    Spinal, (Caudal, Saddle, …)
  93. Which form of anesthesia numbs only the perineal area?
  94. What is the approved length of fingernails when scrubbing in for surgery?
    Tip of finger
  95. For Anthrax, what is the (a) number in original series and (b) amount given IM?
    (a) 6 and (b) 0.5cc (old info – now 5 in series)
  96. What basic military function provides U.S. forces with the ability to conduct sustained operations abroad?
    Sea control
  97. Under Article 15 of the UCMJ, you have how many days to appeal the punishment awarded to you if you feel that it was unjust or disproportionate?
    5 days
  98. What is an example of a campaign or a service award?
  99. What form of sex discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature?
    Sexual Harassment
  100. Where would you document a Sailor’s performance faults and actions recommended to correct deficiency?
    NAVPERS 1626/16
  101. Delegation of authority does what for junior Sailors?
    Builds confidence
  102. If you bring your child to a clinic for non-emergent care – didn’t bring their ID card, but the member is enrolled in DEERS – how much time is given to you to bring their ID card back to the clinic and show staff proof of ….?
    30 days
  103. If a retiree is chosen to be an escort to dead Sailor, what are they entitled to?
    Same entitlements as a Civilian (Per Diem, Change in retire pay)
  104. What Article of UCMJ is for NJP?
  105. What Article of UCMJ is for missing ship’s movement?
  106. Which agent causes pulmonary edema?
    Choking (CG)
  107. What instruction covers NAVOSH?
    OPNAVINST 5100.23
  108. What is the OBLISERV required for CWO?
    3 years
  109. If a Sailor is UA for less than 24 hours, what form is completed?
    Page 13
  110. If a Sailor is UA for more than 24 hours, what form is completed?
    Page 6
  111. How many Iodine tablets do you need to add to a 5 gallon pail in order to perform water purification?
    40 capsules (25, 30, 35)

    • Which immunization will NOT help you against bacterial infections?
    • Influenza (Plague, Yellow Fever, MMR)
  112. Which organization’s responsibility is it to provide the Navy tailored medical intelligence and services on expeditionary mission profiles in littoral areas?
    MCIA (Marine Corps Intelligence Activity)
  113. Who is known for the famous saying, “we have met the enemy, and he is ours”?
    John Paul Jones
  114. Which garbage disposal is 2 ft wide and 4 ft deep and when full it is covered and mounded, then another section is dug to accommodate the next day’s garbage?
    Continuous trench
  115. Which temporary field latrine is least used due to needing specialized drilling equipment?
    Bored Hole Latrine (burn barrel, mound, deep pit)
  116. Patient suffering from periodonitis would have what signs/symptoms?
    Swollen and painful gums (Uneven bite, difficulty chewing, difficulty swallowing)
  117. What instruction is the SORN?
    OPNAVINST 3120.32
  118. Who’s job is it to transport patients out of echelon II?
    Medical Regulator
  119. MGC given, how many years for booster?
    5 (2, 3, 4)
  120. In regards to the command retention team, what is the CCC’s role?
    To set up monthly meetings (Be the Chairperson,…)
  121. What is the minimum LOS required prior to submitting a CWO package?
    8 (6, 10, 12)
  122. When a patient has a confirmed case of TB, what is worn by medical providers?
    Surgical mask (repsirator, gas mask, …)
  123. What is the minimum number of lines that must be communicated when requesting a MEDEVAC?
    7-9 (1-3, 2-5, 4-5)
  124. When someone denies sexual advances and is negatively ….
    Quid pro quo/ status quo/ hostile environment/…
  125. What is the treatment of choice for otitis media?
  126. What is the treatment for Rickettsial disease?
  127. Pt suffering from jaundice, fever, retained urine would have?
    Hep A
  128. Who is responsible for arranging headstone or marker with VA?
  129. Member is admitted less than 48 hours. Where do you document in medical record?
    SF 539
  130. Member is placed on Binnacle List, where do you document?
    NAVMED 6150/4 (Abstract of Service and Medical History)
  131. Otherwise known as ring block?
  132. Which supply inspection yearly?
    Spot (Special, …)
  133. How long must you put contaminated items in a sealed plastic bag to produce heat before boiling?
    30 minutes
  134. What is the treatment for Lewisite?
    British anti-lewisite
  135. Navy’s job at wartime with politics?
    Project propulsion vs. sea power???
  136. Clean surfaces, but not destroy organisms?
    Germicides (Antiseptic, Parasicide, Fungicide)
  137. When an active case of TB is confirmed, what report is required to be submitted?
  138. A patient complaining from alternating hot and cold sensations throughout their body is most likely suffering from “poisoning” from which marine animal?
    Puffer fish
  139. What differentiates how to categorize patients for triage in the military?
    Tactical vs. non-tactical
  140. Which tactical triage category would you put a patient with a fractured wrist?
  141. Which tactical triage category would you put a patient with sucking chest wound?
  142. Which tactical triage category would you put a patient with …?
  143. Which Article of the Navy Regs deals with fraternization?
  144. What report needs to be submitted for a ship that has been quarantined?
  145. What items contains silver nitrate?
    Batteries (silver plating, electrode,
  146. Who do you submit a report for missing meds?
  147. BSO 18:
    BSO = Budget Submitting Office, formerly known as Claimancy Discussed in BUMEDINST 6440.5 (HSAP)
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