Vygotsky, Gagne

  1. Vygotskys theory called what
    Socio-historical theory of dev
  2. "Good learning advances development"
    Who would disagree
    Piaget since learning is dependent on development, not opposite.
  3. Development is a struggle of X from A to B
    opposits: from Primitive (natural) to Complex (Cultural)
  4. In actual development there is.... Learning
    NO actual learning as this is "mastered already"
  5. What happens with thought at 2 years old, result?
    Concrete-practical and abstract thought merge, creates action and speech
  6. Social activities leads to... i
  7. A type of internalization is appropriation...
    Take a tool, make it their own, learning how to use a concept e.g. hammer
  8. Internalized play is manifested how in adults
  9. Part of socio-historical theory of dev: SIGNIFIATION.. what type of dev?
    • Evolutional: primitive beh, e.g. lion danger.
    • Symbolic: Attaching meaning to symbols
  10. What separates humans from animals according to vyg
    Voluntary action
  11. Gagne: Component task is what
    • A type of learning hierarchy...
    • Master each step in the sequence to master final complex task
  12. Gagne says different types of learning exist, true or false and what would it be brought about by
    • True.
    • Brought about by DIFF instructional conditions
  13. What is the measured outcome of learning according to Gagne?
    Capabilities from 1)stimuli and 2) cog processes
  14. What is required for learning?
    Readiness to learning.
  15. Learning enhances development according to Gagne?
    Yes, like Vyg
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