Stat chapter 3

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  1. Boxplot
    A graphic representation of the distribution of scores on a variable that includes the range, the median, and the interquartile range.
  2. Interquartile range (IQR)
    The difference between the 75th percentile and 25th percentile scores in a distribution.
  3. Range
    The difference between the largest score and the smallest score of a distribution.
  4. Squared deviation
    The difference between an individual score in a distribution and the mean for the distribution, squared.
  5. Standard deviation
    The average deviation between the individual scores in the distribution and the mean for the distribution
  6. Sum of squared deviations, sum of squares
    The sum of each squared deviation for all of the cases in the sample.
  7. Variance
    The sum of the squared deviation divided by the number of cases in the population, or by the number of cases minus one in the sample.
  8. s 2
    The sample variance
  9. s
    the sample standard deviation
  10. σ
    the population standard deviation
  11. σ2
    the population variance
  12. SS
    The sum of squares, or sum of squared deviations
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