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  1. Oldowan Industry
    First production of hominid toolmaking. Characterized by round stones with a clear core.
  2. Olduvai Gorge
    Gorge who's river bed Oldowan tools are found in.
  3. Gradualism
    Model of Human Evolution in which major changes are the result of a slow and steady accumulation of small changes.
  4. Punctuated Equilibrium
    Model of Human Evolution in which periods of rapid dramatic/drastic change occur over short periods of time seperated by long periods of little change.
  5. Stasis
    Long periods of little change
  6. Ecological Niche
    Habitat, Physical space and space in food web.
  7. Adaptive Radiation
    In which a set of related species "radiate out" to occupy a set of environmental niches.
  8. Charles Darwin
    Really? Again?
  9. Alfred Wallace
    Biologist/Anthropologist. Independently conceived a theory of evolution through natural selection and published his theory jointly with Charles Darwin.
  10. Mary Leakey
    Divided and categorized the Oldwan industry tools at the Olduvai Gorge.
  11. Louis Leakey
    Able to examine the geologic information of Olduvai Gorge.
  12. Richard Potts
    Argued that hominins created "caches" of raw material in sites such as the Olduvai Gorge.
  13. Glynn Isaac
    Worked with Mary Leaky on Oldowan limestone cave sites in South Africa, suggested that they were "home bases" for the hominids
  14. Lewis Binford
    Suggested that the limestone caves in south africa were where hominins scavenged carnivore leftovers
  15. Robert Blumenschine
    Thought the animal bones at Oldowan sites were leftover from scavenging based on cut marks
  16. Kathy Schick
    Considers larger Oldowan sites to be "favored places" where stones and bones were carred to an area with shade, protection, water and animal carcasses
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