KY Plumbing Code

  1. An applicant who fails an examination shall be eligible upon ______ for the next regular examination
  2. Name 5 reasons your license can be suspended
    1. Knowingly violating the Kentucky state plumbing code or the rules and regulations of the department

    2.Practicing fraud or deception in applying for or obtaining a license

    3.Incompetent to perform services

    4. Allowing your permit or license to be used by another person

    5. Being found guilty of unprofessional or dishonorable conduct
  3. No license shall be suspended or revoked by the department unless what?
    A hearing has been conducted
  4. Name all members in the State Plumbing Committee. (7 Wise Men)
    1. Home Builders Assoc. of KY

    2.Assoc of General Contractors 

    3.KY Master Plumbers Assoc. 

    4.KY Society of Professional Engineers (with a sanitary background)

    5.American Institute of Architects 

    6.United Assoc of Journeyman Plumbers

    7.Mechanical Contractors Assoc.
  5. How long do the members of the Plumbing Code Committee serve for?
    2 years
  6. Who appoints the members of the Plumbing Code Committee?
    The Governor
  7. The Plumbing Code Committee shall meet at least how often?
  8. What does ANSI stand for?
    American National Standards Institute
  9. What does ASTM stand for?
    American Society for Testing and Materials
  10. Joints and connections shall be made _____ and _______ tight?
    air, water
  11. Caulked joints shall be firmly packed with ______ or _____ and shall have at least _____ pure lead properly caulked?
    oakum, hemp, 1"
  12. Polyvinyl chloride schedule 40 or 80 pipe and fittings shall be _______    ________ joints?
    solvent welded
  13. Where can you install a slip joint on the outside of a trap?
    In a 1 or 2 family dwelling bar or lav area
  14. Flashings should extend _____ in all directions?
  15. 3 and 4 inch lead flashing shall have a minimum _______" base?
  16. Increase-rs and reducers have what degree angle between pipe sizes?
  17. A tubular brass trap shall be _____ gauge?
  18. Are traps that depend on moving parts are to code?
  19. Traps shall have a water seal not less than ___ inches and not more than ____ inches?
  20. If a stack is over ______ feet tall a _______ shall be provided?
    45, cleanout
  21. There shall be at least _____ clean outs in a building drain with a ______-______ branch inside the wall or outside the building at a point not to exceed ___ feet from the foundation wall.
    1, full size, 2
  22. All clean outs shall be ________ fittings?
    2 directional
  23. A clean out shall be of the same nominal size as the pipe it serves up to ____" and shall not be less than _____" for pipes any larger?
  24. A clean out installed on a ______" sewer shall be a ______ directional?
    4, 2
  25. Manholes and underground clean outs in a building shall be _______ with the floor or wall?
  26. What are considered clean out equivalents?
    A floor or wall connection that may be removed to serve as a clean-out.
  27. How many members are on the State Plumbing Committee?

    An employee of the Department and 3 other persons who are either journeyman or master plumbers
  28. Plumbing inspectors shall have at least ____ years experience as a journeyman or master plumber
  29. No person or company shall advertise without what?
    A master license from the Department
  30. A master plumber is responsible of notifying the Department when he or she _________ or _______ connections with a company?
    commences, severs
  31. Grease traps are installed at ________ and ________?
    Restaurants, food service establishments
  32. A grease trap used inside a building shall have a _______  ________ and be ________ _______?
    sealed cover, properly vented
  33. Sand traps are used where?
    garages, car washes and work shops
  34. If a drain is subject to back flow it shall be equipped with a?
    Backwater valve
  35. A 2" floor drain can be installed where?
    Residential utility room
  36. Directional flow fittings and continuous-waste are used where?
    kitchen sinks, drinking fountains
  37. The level to which the vacuum breaker may be submerged before back flow will occur is the _______ _____ also referred to as the _____?
    critical level, CL
  38. Drain, waste and vent pipe is also referred to as what?
  39. Water free from impurities is _______ water?
  40. Cross connection means any physical connection or arrangement between what?
    2 otherwise separate piping systems
  41. A cross connection between a _______ and _______   ________   ________   shall not be allowed
    public, private, water supply
  42. If any check valves are installed in a water system a _______  _______  _______ is required.
    thermal expansion tank
  43. An _____   ______  shall provide the best level of protection in all back flow situations?
    air gap
  44. The minimum air gap allowable is ______"?
    1 12"
  45. The best mechanical protection is a _______  _________  ________  ________  ________ _______  ________?
    reduced pressure principal back pressure backflow preventer
  46. Name 3 degrees of hazardous connections
    1. Minor 

    2. Moderate

    3. Severe
  47. Minimum size water service is what?
  48. The water service piping shall be not less than ___ feet apart from the sewer?
  49. If you bench the water service, it must be at all points _____" above the sewer?
  50. Number of _______ in the water service is to be kept to a minimum
  51. No person, firm, or corporation shall construct, install, or alter any plumbing without first having _______ a _________ _________?
    procured, plumbing permit
  52. No person shall use ______ or ______ materials in the working of plumbing?
    unsafe, defective
  53. When dual water distribution systems are used, the non-potable water supply shall be _______ and ______ identified?
    durably, adequately
  54. Yard hydrants should have what form of backflow protection?
    dual check valve
  55. All hose connections shall be equipped with a _______  _______, but those intended for  _________  ________, _______  _______  ________, or _______  _______  ______  _______?
    vacuum breaker, washing machines, frost proof hydrants, water heater drain valves
  56. A water closet or urinal shall be flushed by means of an approved _______ or ______ valve?
    tank or flush
  57. A flushometer has to have a _______  _______?
    vacuum breaker
  58. Boilers with chemical feeds are equipped with what kind of backflow device?
    reduced pressure principal backflow preventers
  59. The orifice of a drinking fountain shall be provided with a ________  _______?
    protective cowl
  60. Minimum size water service from the property line to the water heater shall be?
  61. The hot and cold water piping shall extend _____ in size to the first ______?
    34", branch
  62. No more than ______, _______" fixture branches are allowed on a water supply line.
    3, 12"
  63. The supply pipe has to be within ______" of the fixture
  64. The smallest water line allowable in a closed wall is ______?
  65. Water closets with a flushometer water line must by supplied by a ______" line?
  66. Water _______ devices are to be installed as close as possible to the valve causing the problems?
  67. Push-fit fitting systems are approved for _______  _______  use only and only up to ____"?
    above ground, 2"
  68. Polybutylene fittings have a ______ or ______ clamping ring
    copper, brass
  69. Piping that has been used for another purpose can not be used for ________  ________?
    water distribution
  70. Type M copper shall be ______ before passing through _______?
    wrapped, concrete floors or walls
  71. _________ or __________ shall not be used below ground under a house or building for water lines
    polyethylene or PVC
  72. CPVC water line joints below ground and under houses or buildings shall be tested to at least ______ PSI?
  73. Shower faucets shall be _________ or ________ balanced?
    temperature, pressure
  74. The main water shut off valve in a house or building shall be _______-_______?
  75. In a residential dwelling the shutoff valve shall be placed within ___ feet of a water heater?
  76. The water service shall be installed at least ____" in depth?
  77. The T&P installed on each water heater on the hot water side not more than ___" from the heater.
  78. The T&P waste line shall be piped within ____" of the floor?
  79. If the location of the water heater does not have a floor drain nearby than the T&P shall be piped outside the building with an ______ turned down and piped within _____" of the ground.
  80. ____ sets of detailed plans and specifications of the proposed facility showing ________ ________, _________  __________  ________, and _______  ________  ________ are required for a permit to be issued.
    3, plumbing supply system, sewage disposal system, water supply system
  81. No permanent water supply shall be provided to any building by any public utility or water district where the interior plumbing system has not been _________ by the department.
  82. Officers, agents, and inspectors of the Department shall have the ________ and _________ to enter upon premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of making __________ and to _________ all persons and to require to see __________ permits and other _________.
    power, authority, inspections, interrogate, plumbing, evidence
  83. The plumbing inspector can stop plumbing work by issuing a _______  _______?
    stop order
  84. Who are the 4 attorneys that shall represent the Department?
    City, county, commonwealth, and attorney general
  85. No water heating devise shall be sold or offered for sale in the Commonwealth of KY unless it contains a ________ number on it.
  86. All retailers, wholesalers, and installers, selling or offering for sale a water heater devise shall, within 30 days of the date of sale, forward a list of ________ and ________ of purchasers.
    names, addresses
  87. Any person who violates any provision of this chapter or any regulation adopted hereunder or any provision of the State Plumbing Code shall be fined not less than ________ not more than _______ or imprisoned for not more than ________ or both for each offense. Each day the violation continues shall be considered a _________  _________.
    $10, $100, 40, seperate
  88. Fire protection systems using water from potable water systems shall be equipped with ______  ________  ________ one of which may be an ________  ________  _______?
    2 check valves, alarm check valve
  89. Buildings shall have an independent connection to the ________ or ________ sewer.
    public, private
  90. If a sewer is not available the house drain shall be connected to an approved ________  _________  _________  ________?
    Private sewage disposal system
  91. Excavation for sewers shall be _______  _______ work?
    open trench
  92. Trenches shall be kept ________ until the piping has been _________, _________, and _________?
    inspected, tested, approved
  93. A house sewer shall be laid on a grade not less than _______ and not more than ________ per foot?
    18", 14"
  94. A sewer shall have at least __________ of cover?
  95. A sewer going under a driveway has 19" of cover what do you do?
    Encase it in concrete 6" deep on top and 6" wider than each side of the driveway
  96. Name 4 materials for a house sewer?
    PVC, concrete, cast iron, ABS
  97. When can SDR35 be used inside a building?
    storm drains 10" and over
  98. You can lay a sanitary tee flat in a sewer?
  99. Storm drains or sewers can not be laid parallel to or within ______ of a bearing wall?
  100. On a combined sewer every _________ shall be installed above cover of the nearest manhole (for building constructed after ________)?
    fixture, 1996
  101. A house sewer shall be laid in at least _____ of grillage?
  102. Residential sewage ejector vent size is ______?
  103. Commercial ejector vent size is _______ but if the ejector pit is within ________ of a 3" vent stack the vent can be _______?
    3", 25 foot, 2"
  104. If a building is condemned for unsanitary conditions it will need ___________ to reopen?
    all new plumbing
  105. The Department uses ________ Basic Principals to define the intent for design of the code?
  106. ________  _________  shall be supplied to all plumbing fixtures which normally need or require it for their normal use?
    hot water
  107. Each family dwelling shall have at least 1 ________, _________, _________, and 1 _________ or _________?
    water close, lav, kitchen sink, tub or shower
  108. All material and labor necessary for inspections and tests shall be furnished by the person procuring the __________  _________?
    plumbing permit
  109. The test for potable water supply is no leaks under ________  ________  _________?
    normal working pressure
  110. Final air test is equivalent to a ________ water column and it shall be maintained for at least ________?
    1", 15 minutes
  111. The house sewer shall be tested by _______, _______, or ________?
    water, air, or smoke
  112. DWV systems shall be tested by ________ and ________ for _________ minutes?
    water, air, 15
  113. When you replace _______ feet of DWV pipe it needs to be ________ and _________?
    10, inspected, tested
  114. If any part of the plumbing system is covered before inspection, it shall be uncovered? t or f
  115. An ________ test shall be used in testing the condition of a plumbing system?
  116. Inspections are not required for replacing ________ plumbing fixtures?
  117. The distance between cleanouts in a sewer shall not exceed?
    150 feet
  118. Commercial laundry waste may drain into a trench, if constructed of a material resistant to _________  _________ and the trench drains into a ______ trap with a _______ vent
    alkaline wast, 4", full size
  119. Semi-commercial laundries shall discharge into a _______ trap with a ________vent and each trap can handle _____ washing machines and constitute ________ DFU's?
    4", full size, 2, 4
  120. Residential washing machines shall have a ________ trap ________ above the floor and pipe extending to the height of the washer?
    2", 12"
  121. AC shall not have any drain pipe ______ connected to the DWV?
  122. Sand traps shall be provided with a ______ vent?
  123. Liquid waste shall discharge into a ________ before entering the sewer and shall have a ________ vent?
    separator, 3"
  124. Each pedicure chair drains back into an _______  _________ and the hot and cold water must have a _________  ________  ________ ________ ________?
    open receptacle, reduced pressure principal backflow preventer
  125. The occupancy ______ ______ is used to determine the total number of plumbing fixtures?
    load factor
  126. Floors in toilet rooms shall be constructed of __________  _________?
    nonabsorbent materials
  127. If ________ or more fixtures that receive human waste are installed the room will need a ________  ________ and a ________  ________?
    2, floor drain, hose bib
  128. Water closets in a public restroom shall be of the _________  ________ type with a __________  ________ front seat?
    elongated bowl, split open
  129. All fees shall be payable to ____  _________  _________  _________?
    The Kentucky State Treasurer
  130. Request of permit refund must be made within _____ and work must _______  _______  _______ on the project.
    12, not have begun
  131. Who approves of the parts or materials used in a plumbing system in the state of Kentucky?
    the Committee
  132. The APML (Approved Parts and Materials List) is the parts or materials manufactured or produced according to specifications listed in the _______?
  133. Who has custody of the APML?
    the Director of the Division of Plumbing
  134. Plumbing trucks shall bear the _______  ___  ___  _________ and the _________  __________  _________  _________ in no smaller than ________" lettering on the truck?
    name of the company, master plumbers license number, 3"
  135. Permits shall be issued only to ________  ________  ________ or __________?
    master licensed plumbers, homeowners
  136. ___________ plumbers shall not construct, install or alter plumbing, sewerage, or drainage unless the work is preformed under the supervision of the __________ plumber?
    journeyman, master
  137. Homeowners can procure a plumbing permit if all the following requirements are met?
    1. Application is made prior to the start of work

    2.the homeowner files with the permit an affidavit stating they will abide by the terms of the permit issuance section 1 

    3.All work be performed in compliance with the state plumbing code 

    4.All work be performed personally by the homeowner

    5. The homeowner has not received another permit for new construction in the last 5 years
  138. Do you need a permit for replacing a water service?
  139. Do you need a permit for replacing a water heater?
  140. Do you need a permit for replacing a plumbing fixture?
  141. Do you need a permit for replacing a house sewer?
  142. Do you need a permit for replacing a backflow device on a water service?
  143. Taking over a plumbing permit you are responsible for everything the other plumber/plumbers previously installed on the plumbing permit? T or F
  144. What is the cost of a permit for a house with 2 wc, 3 lavs, 2 tubs, 1 kitchen sink, and 1 water heater?
  145. What is the cost of a permit for a three family house with 4 wc, 7 lavs, 3 tubs, 3 kitchen sinks, 3 water heaters, 3 water services and 1 house sewer?
    $265, (a 3 family house is considered commercial), (1 water service and 1 house sewer is included in each permit)
  146. All plumbing permits under the cost of ______ come with ________ inspections, but if you go over _____ inspections than you must pay _________ for each additional inspection?
    $200, 5, 5, $50, (over $200 is unlimited inspections)
  147. The plumbing permit expires ________ after the date issued, if work on the permit has not been started
    1 year
  148. The _________ contractor shall be exempt from turning in a ____________ water heater form.
    installing, plb-94
  149. What is ABS?
    Acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene
  150. What does ASSE stand for?
    American Socitey of Sanitary Engineers
  151. What does CISPI stand for?
    Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
  152. What is "Lead", or containing/contains "lead"?
    flux or solder containing more than 2% lead and pipe and fittings containing more than 8%
  153. What is PVC?
    Polyvinyl chloride
  154. What is the definition of a waste pipe?
    a pipe which conveys only waste
  155. Each length of pipe, fitting, trap fixture, or device used in plumbing shall be __________  or _________  marked with the weight or quality and the maker's mark or name
    stamped, indelibly
  156. _______ shall not be used in the installation or _______ or a potable water system?
    lead, repair
  157. Materials shall be _______ or _______ than the code requires?
    equal, better
  158. Traps shall not extend nearer to the floor than ______ except laundry trays or similar fixtures.
  159. Shower pans shall be _________ without a ________ and shall extend to a minimum height of ________ on all vertical walls.
    constructed, seam, 6"
  160. Fixtures other than a water closet or a pedestal urinal, shall be provided with a _______?
  161. The overflow from a fixture shall be ________?
  162. If a plumbing fixture is found to be in an unusable condition, it shall be ______, ________, or ________ within _________?
    repaired, removed, replaced, 30 days
  163. Every water heater installed in a crawl space shall have a travel path not less than _____ vertical distance and installed on at least a ________  ________  non corrosive material adequate to support the heater.
    5', 2" thick
  164. Water heaters installed in a residence _____, must have a ________  _________  _______ under them and must be equipped with at least a _______  ________ to be piped similarly to the T&P drain?
    attic, water tight pan, 34" drain,
  165. Fuel fired water heater vents shall not be connected to a flue serving a _______  _______ apparatus.
    coal burning
  166. Fuel fired water heaters other than direct bent or through the wall vent systems shall not be placed in any __________, _________, or _______  _________  _________  __________.
    bathroom, toilet room, room used for sleeping
  167. If you place a fuel fired water heater in a closet it must have a _________  ________?
    louvered door
  168. Instantaneous water heaters must have a properly sized _______ valve installed within the heater or within the first _______ of the hot side outlet?
    Pressure, 6"
  169. Maximum flow on a shower head is?
    2.5 GPM
  170. Maximum flow on lavatory faucet is?
    2 gpm
  171. Maximum flow on a sink faucet is?
    2.5 gpm
  172. Urinals shall not exceed ______ gallons per flush?
  173. Residential water closets shall not exceed ____ gallons per flush?
  174. Commercial water closets shall not exceed _______ gallons per flush?
  175. Under concrete floors you shall have ______ of grillage on top, bottom, and sides when using sch40 pvc?
  176. What support intervals are required on sch40 pvc?
  177. Solvent cement shall be thinned with paint thinner? t or f
  178. Commingling of plastic pipe shall not be allowed unless approved male or female adapters or other __________ fittings are being used.
  179. Cast iron horizontal piping shall be supported at _________  ________  ____  ________ and not more than _______ from each joint.
    each length of pipe, 18"
  180. Cast iron no hub bands shall be torqued to ________?
    60 inch pounds
  181. Self cleaning flux shall be used in place of cleaning copper pipe? t or f
  182. Mechanically formed copper tees are for ______ only?
    above ground
  183. Horizontal copper shall be supported at ______ intervals for _____ and smaller and ______ intervals for ________ and larger.
    6', 1", 10', 1 1\4"
  184. Horizontal steel pipe shall be supported at ______ intervals for _______ and smaller and _______ intervals for _______ and larger?
    8', 1 1\4", 12', 1 1\2"
  185. Horizontal CPVC pipe shall be supported at ________ intervals for _______ or less and ________ intervals for ________ and larger?
    3', 1", 4', 1 1\4"
  186. CPVC threaded adapters shall not be permitted? t or f
  187. On vertical risers when using CPVC an offset of _______ or more every _______ shall be included.
    12", 10'
  188. DWV systems subject to freezing are allowable to have a 60% glycol-water solution poured into traps to protect them? t or f
  189. Define plumbing?
    The practice of installing the piping for distributing water, fixtures for using water and the drainage pipes for removing waste water and sewage within a building.
  190. Code means?
    The Kentucky State Plumbing Code
  191. When does your license expire?
    on the last day of your birth month
  192. A basement floor drain does not require a vent if what requirements are met?
    the branch wye is more than 5' and no further than 20' from a stack, and the center of the floor opening is not more than 10' from the center of the wye
  193. A vent pipe shall rise vertically at an angle of no less than ______ until it gets _______ above the fixture it serves before offsetting horizontally?
    45 degrees, 6"
  194. Building sewers start _______ outside the building?
  195. What is the definition of a Journeyman plumber?
    a person who engages in the construction, installation, alteration, maintenance, repair, remodeling or removal and replacement or plumbing under the supervision and responsibility of a master plumber
  196. The code shall not include the installation of?
    on site sewage disposal systems
  197. What is the definition of a water service?
    the pipe from the water main or other source of potable water supply to the water distributing system of the building served
  198. If you claim farmstead you must have at least _____ acres of land and be located outside the ________ limits?
    10, corporate
  199. Vent piping should be pitched so as to?
    Drip back to the soil or waste pipe
  200. What is a common vent?
    a vent connecting at the junction of 2 fixture drains, serving as the vent for both fixture drains
  201. Fixture units means a measurement of a plumbing fixture discharging at a rate of ______ per minute?
    1 cubic foot
  202. Name 2 prohibited waste fittings in the plumbing code?
    Drilling and tapping pipe, saddle fittings
  203. Name 2 materials that can be used as piping under a building?
    PVC schedule 40 or 80, ABS schedule 40 or 80
  204. How many water closets are allowed on a 3" stack?
  205. All building or house drains shall have a minimum of 1 _______ stack?
  206. Distance of trap to vent is measured from center of ______  ______ to center of trap or fixture ________?
    vent tee, opening
  207. A vent on a roof can not be closer than _____ to a door or a window?
  208. The maximum fixture branch on a water closet is _________?
    4' 6"
  209. A tubular brass trap shall be at least _______ gauge?
  210. Tubular traps shall not be installed below the ________ floor?
  211. There shall be at least one cleanout i the building drain with a ______-______ branch inside the wall or outside the building at a point not to exceed ________ from the foundation wall. This cleanout shall be a ________ _______ fitting?
    full-size, 2', 2 directional
  212. Name 4 kinds of acid waste pipes?
    lead, silicon iron, borosilicate, CPVC
  213. A corrosive liquid must pass through a _______ pit before entering the sewer?
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