Brady 9th grade Literature 010815

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  1. Theme
    the central message
  2. Symbol
    represents something; ring, the Georgia Bulldogs
  3. Imagery
    languages that use the 5 senses: Hearing, smell, sight, taste, touch
  4. Verbal Irony
    to say one thing but to mean something else
  5. Dramatic Irony
    we know something they don't know
  6. Situational Irony
    the outcome is the opposite of the desired effects
  7. Protagonist
    the main character, the drives the story forward.
  8. Antagonist
    the force that opposes the protagonist
  9. Foil Character
    almost like the protagonist but one big difference.
  10. Setting
    the time and place.  Abstract and Concrete
  11. Mood
    how the reader feels
  12. Tone
    attitude of the author
  13. foreshadowing
    using context clues to find what will happen later in the story
  14. flashback
    going back to a time of previous events
  15. Frame Narrative
    a story inside a story
  16. Pun
    a play on words
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