Chemistry Sec 5.1 Models of the Atoms

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  1. Niels Bohr
  2. Bohr Model
    electrons move in definite or bits around the nucleus
  3. Principle energy Level
    each electron in the atom has a fixed energy level
  4. Sublevel
  5. Orbital
  6. Quantum
    the amoun of energy necessary to move an electron from one energy level to another energy level
  7. Quantum mechanical model
  8. atomic orbital
  9. Rutherford's atomic model couldn't explain the chemical properties of the elements
  10. Bohr proposed that an electron is found only in specific circular paths or orbits around the nucleus
  11. its impossible to determine the exact location of an electron
  12. Electrons dont move around in different patterns
  13. Electrons with lowest energy closest to the nucleus
  14. Electrons with highest energy outermost farther from nucleus
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Chemistry Sec 5.1 Models of the Atoms
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