Thucydides 1.109 - 118

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  1. [109]
    ἐπεμενον (ἐπιμένω)
    they were staying on
  2. αἱ ἰδεαι
    the ways, manners, nature
  3. προυχωρει (προχωρέω)
    it was succeeding
  4. ἀνηλουτο (ἀναλίσκω)
    it was being used up
  5. κατεκλῃσε (κατακλείω)
    he shut in
  6. ξηρανας (ξηραίνω)
    having dried up
  7. την διωρυχα
    the canal
  8. ξηρου (oς α ον)
  9. [110]
    ἐφθαρη (φθείρω)
    it was destroyed
  10. τοις ἑλεσι
  11. μεγεθος του ἑλους
    the size of the marsh
  12. τῃ προδοσιᾳ
  13. ληφθεις (λαμβάνω)
    having been taken
  14. ανεσταυρωθη (ἀνασταυρόω)
    he was crucified
  15. οἱ/αἱ διαδοχοι
    • the relievers/succeeders
    • (relieving force)
  16. το Μενδησιον κερας
    the Mendesian arm (of the river Nile)
  17. την στρατειαν
    campaign, expedition
  18. [111]
    ἐπεισεν ἑαυτον καταγειν
    he persuaded [them] to restore him
  19. προιοντες (προειμι)
  20. των ὁπλων
    NB the arms, but also: the camp
  21. ἐιργον (ἐργω)
    Here: they were preventing
  22. ἀπρακτοι (ος  ον)
    unfulfilled, unprofitable
  23. περαν (adv)
  24. [112]
    διαλιποντων (διαλείπω)
    having left an interval
  25. του/της λιμου
  26. [113]
    ἐπιτιθενται (ἐπιτίθημι)
  27. της γνωμης
  28. κομιουνται (κομίζω)
    they will get back
  29. [114]
    κατα ταχος
  30. ἐδῃωσαν (δηιόω)
    they ravaged, plundered
  31. το πλεον
  32. εξοικισαντες (ἐξοικίζω)
    having expelled
  33. [115]
    κατεβοων (καταβοάω)
    they were bawling
  34. ξυνεπελαβοντο (συνεπιλαμβάνομαι)
    they took part in
  35. νεωτερισαι (νεωτερίζω)
    to make revolution
  36. εξεδοσαν (ἐκδίδωμι)
    they gave up
  37. [116]
    την προσκοπην
    a lookout
  38. αἱ στρατιωτιδες
  39. δεκατου (ος  α  ον)
    the tenth
  40. ἐφορμουσων (ἐφορμέω)
    being moored
  41. [117]
    ἐξαπιναιως (adv)
  42. αφαρκτῳ (ος  ον)
  43. τας ἀνταναγομενας (ἀντανάγω)
    those sent out in opposition
  44. ἐσεκομισαντο και ἐξεκομισαντο
    they brought in and out
  45. ἀναλωθεντα (ἀναλίσκω)
    having been spent
  46. (οἱ) ὑπηκοοι (ος  ον)
  47. [118]
    τα προειρημενα (προερέω)
    the things already said
  48. ἐγκρατεστεραν (ἐγκρατής  ες)
    more powerful
  49. ἐπι βραχυ
    for a short distance
  50. ἐξειργομενοι (ἐξέργω)
    being shut out
  51. ἡπτοντο (ἁπτω)
    they fastened on, laid hands on
  52. ἀνασχετον (ος  ον)
  53. ἐπιχειρητεα (εον)
    one must attempt
  54. καθαιρετεα (ος α ον)
    to be accomplished
  55. αραμενοις (αἴρω)
    in taking up
  56. διεγνωστο (διαγιγνώσκω)
    it had been discerned
  57. επηρωτων (ἐπερωτάω)
    they were inquiring
  58. ανειλεν (ἀναιρεω)
    he answered
  59. ξυλληψεσθαι (συλλαμβάνω)
    to be going to take part with, to assist
  60. και παρακαλουμενος και ἀκλητος
    both being asked and unbidden
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