Thucydides 1.103 - 108

  1. [103]
    ᾑρηκοτες (αἱρέω)
    having seize, being seized
  2. νεωστι (adv)
  3. των ὁρων
  4. έφρουρουν (φρουρέω)
    they were guarding, garrisoning [the place]
  5. [104]
    Λιβυων των προς Αἰγυπτῳ
    the Lybians near to Egypt
  6. ὁρμωμενος (ὁρμαω)
    setting out from, having as a base of operations
  7. ὑπερ +gen
  8. τα πλειω
    the many, the greater part
  9. ἐπηγαγετο (ἐπάγω)
    he brought in
  10. ες το Νειλον
    into the Nile
  11. ἐνησαν (νεω)
    they came, they piled up
  12. [105]
    ἀμυνειν (ἀμυνω)
    NB to ward off, but also to defend
  13. τους επικουρους
    helpers, allies
  14. διεβιβασαν (διαβαινω)
    they crossed over
  15. ἀπουσης (ἀπειμι)
    being away
  16. ἀναστησεσθαι (ἀνίστημι)
    to raise to rebellion
  17. ἰσορροπου (ος  ον)
    drawn (as in, 'the result was a draw')
  18. διεκριθησαν (διακρίνω)
    they had been separated
  19. το τροπαιον
    a trophy
  20. ἐκβοηθησαντες (ἐκβοηθέω)
    having marched out [to aid]
  21. ξυμβαλοντες (συμβάλλω)
    having engaged
  22. ὑπεχωρουν (ὑποχωρέω)
    they withdrew
  23. προσβιασθεν (προσβιάζομαι)
    being pressed, restrained
  24. διαμαρτον (διαμαρτάνω)
    erring completely
  25. το ὀρυγμα
    a ditch
  26. περιειργον (περιέργω)
  27. κατα προσωπον
    in front of, face to face
  28. εἰργον (ἐργω)
    being shut in
  29. τους ψιλους
    the light troops
  30. κατελευσαν (καταλεύω)
    they stoned to death
  31. [107]
    περαιουσθαι (περαιόω)
    to cross over
  32. ἀσφαλες (ης  ες)
    secure, stable
  33. δυσοδος  ον
    hard to pass
  34. ὁπῃ (adv) διελθωσιν
    by which they might go through
  35. της καταλυσεως
    the dissolution
  36. μετεστησαν (μεθιστημι)
    they changed
  37. [108]
    δενδροτομησαντες (δενδροτομέω)
    having cut down trees
  38. ἑξηκοστῃ (ος η  ον)
  39. ἑκατον ἀνδρες ὁμηρους
    100 men as hostages
  40. ἐν ἀποβασει
    in a landing
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