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  1. Susan is creating some additional images for her customer’s Web site. One image will be used repeatedly on site pages. However, in order to support the site’s topic-specific color scheme, she wants one shape in the image’s background to be a different color on each page. What is the best way for Susan to accomplish this task?
    A.      Create the image using layers for its different components.
    B.      Create the image using series for its different components.
    C.      Create the image using pages for its different components.
    D.      Create the image using frames for its different components.
    Correct Answer: A
  2. Consuela is updating her company’s Web site. She wants to add an image that is 1,414 pixels by 724 pixels. Her site audience generally uses a monitor resolution of 1024×768. Using Fireworks, how can she adjust the image to fit the users’ monitors? A.      Resample the image to adjust the print size.
    B.      Resample the image to increase the resolution.
    C.      Resample the image to decrease the color depth.
    D.      Resample the image to decrease the pixel dimensions.
    Correct Answer: D
  3. User feedback can be evaluated in many ways. Which of the following methods is more quantitative than direct user feedback, and will provide indirect feedback from the majority of users who do not respond?
    A.      User surveys
    B.      Site server logs
    C.      Online e-mail links
    D.      Opt-in bulk mail services
    Correct Answer: B
  4. Jared is creating an interactive Web site that is expected to respond to heavy traffic. He needs to request new hardware in order to build a staging server. What requirement of the staging server should he be aware of when ordering the new hardware?
    A.        The staging server should have the same hardware and software configuration as the production server.
    B.        The staging server should have a different operating system from that of the production server for flexibility during testing.
    C.        The staging server should have a slower processor and less RAM than the production server because it is just a test server.
    D.        The staging server should have more RAM and a faster processor than the production server because testing is more intensive than production use.
    Correct Answer: A
  5. Consider the following code:
    <a href=""> <img src="ciw-logo.gif" width="231" height="84" border="0"/> </a>
    The preceding code seems to render properly in multiple Web browsers. However, it will not validate to W3C standards. Which of the following must be added?
    A.      The alt attribute
    B.      A linked style sheet
    C.      A closing </img> tag
    D.      An embedded style sheet
    Correct Answer: A
  6. In which of the following formats do graphic files support 24 bits of color information and work well with photographs?
    A.        GIF
    B.        SVG
    C.        BMP
    D.        JPEG
    Correct Answer: D
  7. Tom wants to display <li> list elements in a row. What should he add to his style sheet? A.      li {layout:inline}
    B.      li {display:inline}
    C.      li {display:block}
    D.      ul {display:inline}
    Correct Answer: B
  8. Which of the following would typically be found in the contents of an external style sheet? A.      P [margin: 1in]
    B.      P (margin: 1in)
    C.      P { margin: 1in }
    D.      <P align=left> </P>
    Correct Answer: C
  9. Hal has saved a file as a template in Dreamweaver. If he has not already done so, Dreamweaver will prompt him to add:
    A.      a content region.
    B.      an editable region.
    C.      a CSS style sheet.
    D.      a <div> tag to hold content.
    Correct Answer: B
  10. Alma has been asked to upgrade the pages on her Web site to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Which of the following tags must she alter on each page?
    A.      The <head> tag
    B.      The <span> tag
    C.      The <meta> tag
    D.      The <!DOCTYPE> tag
    Correct Answer: D
  11. Which of the following is the common name for the practice hackers use to trick people into revealing sensitive information?
    A.      Social engineering
    B.      Identity exploitation
    C.      Information probing
    D.      Intellectual deception
    Correct Answer: A
  12. Jason needs to create a table with four columns and six rows. Which of the following attributes must he include in the <td> tag to allow the first cell to span across the entire width of the table?
    A.      colspan="4"
    B.      colspan="6"
    C.      rowspan="6"
    D.      width="100%"
    Correct Answer: A
  13. The W3C has developed XHTML standards for the World Wide Web. These standards:
    A.      allow proprietary software to run in other vendors’ browsers.
    B.      ensure consistent display in various browsers and platforms.
    C.      define a language that incorporates data structures and internal logic.
    D.      allow markup elements to combine both structure and formatting in a single text file.
    Correct Answer: B
  14. Kellee wants to determine which areas of her company’s Web site attract visitors, and the frequency with which those areas are visited. Which of the following is the best way for her to determine these facts?
    A.      Monitor network traffic during peak hours.
    B.      Place a hit counter on each page of the Web site.
    C.      Analyze the Web site server logs to measure page access.
    D.      Call users and ask them which sections of the site they visit often.
    Correct Answer: C
  15. Which of the following is an example of structural markup?
    A.      <b />Summary
    B.      <title>Summary</title>
    C.      <font size=6 />Summary
    D.      <center>Summary</center>
    Correct Answer: B
  16. Both versions of GIF files support small file size, lossless compression and transparency. Which of the two GIF versions also supports animation and interlacing?
    A.      87a
    B.      87b
    C.      89a
    D.      89b
    Correct Answer: C
  17. Rosa wants to position a paragraph 100 pixels below the top of the HTML document, and 100 pixels from its left margin. Which styles should she use?
    A.      top: 100px; left: 100px
    B.      position: relative; top: 100px; left: 100px
    C.      position: absolute;top: 100px;left: 100px
    D.      position: absolute;margin-top: 100px;margin-left: 100px
    Correct Answer: C
  18. Image slicing involves:
    A.      selecting rectangular sections of a larger graphic to be divided into smaller images during export.
    B.      creating an animated GIF file from a single large image file to decrease perceived download time.
    C.      merging several small image files into a single large image file to simplify placement on the Web page.
    D.      selecting sections of a single image and saving them as separate JPG files in a specially created folder.
    Correct Answer: A
  19. What is another name for the staging server?
    A.      Live server
    B.      Production server
    C.      Redundant server
    D.      Development server
    Correct Answer: D
  20. You have created a style sheet and applied it to every Web page on your site. After reviewing the updated pages, you notice that not all of the styles implemented by the style sheet were applied to some of the pages. Which of the following is the most plausible reason for this?
    A.      One style sheet cannot be applied to multiple pages.
    B.      Certain styles cannot be rendered the same on all pages.
    C.      Linked styles will be overridden by embedded or inline styles on the page.
    D.      Your site uses multiple linked style sheets, which are conflicting with one another.
    Correct Answer: C
  21. You are creating a Web site that uses a gradient fill for all page backgrounds on a site. To ensure that you can see the gradient through the image background, you should: A.      use TIF images with transparent backgrounds.
    B.      use JPG images with transparent backgrounds.
    C.      use GIF 89a images with transparent backgrounds.
    D.      use GIF 89b images with transparent backgrounds.
    Correct Answer: C
  22. You want to provide your visitors with Web pages that look good and perform well on many browsers and platforms. Accessibility and conformance to W3C standards are critical. Using a WYSIWYG editor, what would be the most appropriate positioning method and font choice for page elements on the site template?
    A.      Table layout and relative font sizes
    B.      Table layout and absolute font sizes
    C.      CSS positioning and relative font sizes
    D.      CSS positioning and absolute font sizes
    Correct Answer: C
  23. The best way to thwart a dictionary attack is by enforcing a: 
    A.      proxy server policy.
    B.      strong password policy.
    C.      restricted access policy.
    D.      firewall configuration policy.
    Correct Answer: B
  24. Which of the following techniques helps stop a denial-of-service (DOS) attack in which an attacker has sent multiple ICMP or TCP packets to crash a Web server on the Internet?

    A. Filtering traffic at the firewall
    B. Changing passwords on a regular basis
    C. Installing Apache server rather than Microsoft IIS
    D. Placing the database and the Web server on separate systems
    Correct Answer: A
  25. Which of the following is directly exploited by a brute-force attack?

    A. The Web server’s available bandwidth
    B. The Web server’s authentication mechanisms
    C. The TCP/IP software installed on the Web server
    D. The log file mechanisms that exist on the Web server
    Correct Answer: B
  26. You have been asked to insert an image named kayak.jpg in a Web page. Which of the following code examples will validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional?

    A. <img src=kayak.jpg alt=kayak />
    B. <img src=kayak.jpg desc=kayak />
    C. <img src=kayak.jpg alt=kayak></img>
    D. <img ref=kayak.jpg desc=kayak></img>
    Correct Answer: A
  27. The role of the project manager is to:

    A. develop Web sites and manage Web site resources.
    B. create the blueprint for the site and plan the navigation.
    C. evaluate available resources and create specifications.
    D. create Flash animations and user interfaces for Web applications.
    Correct Answer: C
  28. Curtis is creating a new Web site for his company. Which of the following should drive all other development concerns for the company’s site?

    A. The site should support the vision of the company.
    B. The site should replicate the company’s product brochure.
    C. The site should support one aspect of the company’s goals.
    D. The site should expand the vision of the company into new areas.
    Correct Answer: A
  29. Egon is a member of a site development team hired by a skydiving center to establish a Web presence. Of the following specifications, which would best indicate the accessibility, interactivity and search features that Egon recommends?

    A. Design specification
    B. Content specification
    C. Architecture specification
    D. Functionality specification
    Correct Answer: D
  30. You are working for a financial services company. The company has a Web site that allows its customers to review their statements online. Your Web site uses the Document Object Model (DOM), ActiveX, JavaScript and Java. Which of these technologies is most likely to cause customers problems with their browsers when they try to access information?

    A. Java
    B. ActiveX
    C. JavaScript
    D. Document Object Model (DOM)
    Correct Answer: B
  31. You have included a check box on a registration Web page that users accessing your site can select to receive periodic bulk e-mail from your company. What must you include in your bulk e-mail messages to your subscribers?

    A. An opt-out option to discontinue receiving the messages
    B. An opt-in option to receive similar messages from related companies
    C. A section in which recipients can provide feedback about the company
    D. Coupons for product specials that can be printed and redeemed on future purchases
    Correct Answer: A
  32. Marcus is designing a site and wants to use a ready-made template from a Web development application. One consequence of using predesigned templates is that:

    A. they infringe on copyrights.
    B. they interfere with the design process.
    C. they are unlikely to fulfill all design specifications.
    D. they contain business logic that cannot be modified.
    Correct Answer: C
  33. Which of the following would be an effective way to attract customers to your site without violating end-user trust and privacy?

    A. Use metadata effectively and appropriately.
    B. Use pop-up advertisements for weekly specials.
    C. Send e-mail to all current and potential customers.
    D. Design trademarks and logos to resemble those of competitors.
    Correct Answer: A
  34. You have been asked to transfer print copy to a Web page. Which of the following is a commonly accepted rule concerning white space in this situation?

    A. A Web page should contain less than 10 percent white space at any time.
    B. A Web page should contain more than 10 percent white space, but no more than 20 percent.
    C. A Web page should contain approximately 50 percent less text than a printed page containing the same information.
    D. A Web page should contain approximately 20 percent less text than a printed page containing the same information.
    Correct Answer: C
  35. Gordon has been asked to create a focus group to aid in finishing the production of a Web site for the company World Stocks, Bonds and Currency Inc. What should this process definitely include?

    A. Asking the corporate customers for their favorite colors, and then incorporating those colors into a style guide
    B. Choosing at least five individuals who represent the target audience demographic, and then using testers with varying degrees of computer experience to review the site
    C. Creating a set of real-world activities that the company wants to provide to its customers, and then assigning those activities as tasks to accomplish, with step-by-step directions for completing them
    D. Using the bottom-up approach to site development by asking the corporate customers for the type of functionality they expect from the site, and then designing the look and feel of the site around those functions
    Correct Answer: B
  36. Mikala is designing a Web site for TLP Building Supply. The company’s CEO is impressed by Flash introductions and blinking marquees, and she wants to use them on the TLP site. Mikala knows from reviewing the site audience surveys that the TLP audience prefers easy navigation and a simple design. How can Mikala balance the CEO’s preferences with the audience’s needs?

    A. Discuss the survey results and develop the site mission with the CEO, and then design the site.
    B. Design the site according to W3C standards, and then meet with the CEO after the site is completed.
    C. Convince the CEO that blinking marquees and Flash ineffectively convey a Web site’s message and should not be used.
    D. Implement the CEO’s suggestions for including the latest technologies because the primary responsibility of a Web designer is to give customers what they request.
    Correct Answer: A
  37. Which of the following strategies is best for implementing bulk e-mailing to customers?

    A. Buy an e-mail list from a vendor that sells a similar product.
    B. Give customers the option to receive or to stop receiving bulk e-mail.
    C. Send e-mail messages to all customer e-mail addresses collected at the time of purchase.
    D. Generate a list of e-mail addresses from a directory listing of people who work in the same field as your company.
    Correct Answer: B
  38. Which of the following is a benefit of imported style sheets?

    A. Imported style sheets override embedded styles.
    B. Imported style sheets work with all older browsers.
    C. Multiple style sheets can be applied using one style declaration.
    D. Imported style sheets are the only way to override the default style of a browser.
    Correct Answer: C
  39. You are designing a medical research site. The content will include medical terminology. When is it acceptable to use industry jargon?

    A. When a casual tone is appropriate
    B. When the audience will understand the terms
    C. When the Web designer understands the jargon
    D. When you want to demonstrate the superiority of your site
    Correct Answer: B
  40. Which of the following Web site characteristics demonstrates the ability to present information dynamically from a knowledge base?

    A. Interactivity
    B. Static layout
    C. Dynamic HTML
    D. Database integration
    Correct Answer: D
  41. You are responsible for administering a Web site for a college program designed to get students to express their perspectives on topical issues. Your supervisor has been asked to ensure that all Web sites for the college are Conformance Level "Triple-A," according to Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards. Which of the following will have to be eliminated from your site?

    A. All XHTML tables within the site
    B. All HTML content written to 4.01 specifications
    C. All audio content without a text-based alternative
    D. All visual content without an accessible audio alternative
    Correct Answer: C
  42. David has designed a home page for an e-commerce Web site. At the left side of the page is a large block of text with product names and prices. The right side features a detailed 100-pixel-by-200-pixel photo of a sample product. David decides that his page appears to be balanced. How did the two elements balance each other?

    A. By size
    B. By color
    C. By value
    D. By shape
    Correct Answer: D
  43. What is the primary purpose of navigational elements within a Web site?

    A. To organize a list of hyperlinks
    B. To make it easy for users to visit other sites
    C. To enable user movement throughout the site
    D. To make it easy for users to reach the home page
    Correct Answer: C
  44. What is the name for colors that create black when mixed together?

    A. Radial
    B. Additive
    C. Subtractive
    D. Transitional
    Correct Answer: C
  45. A college is considering allowing podcasting on its student Web site. What should be done to ensure that the site meets the college’s strict accessibility policy?

    A. Create an alternative page that does not list the audio files.
    B. Require a text-only version of each audio transmission from the site.
    C. Create a disclaimer on the page for the audio file format and site visitors who are hard-of-hearing.
    D. Convert all transmissions into the Ogg Vorbis format, which is easily accessible using additional audio plug-ins.
    Correct Answer: B
  46. A local philanthropic organization with a well-developed mission, vision and set of values has never had a Web site. The organization has hired Manuel to design a site. The president and directors of the organization want the mission, vision and values included in the site. This information is expressed as several paragraphs of text. What suggestion should Manuel offer?

    A. Suggest replacing the information with a company slogan.
    B. Rewrite the mission, vision and values as single, short phrases.
    C. Include the mission, vision and values in their entirety on the home page.
    D. Provide a top-level link to a page containing the mission, vision and values information.
    Correct Answer: D
  47. You are using a style sheet. Which of the following examples of code are best suited for cross-platform design?

    A. font-family: bold, italics;
    B. font-family=monotype, courier
    C. font-family: Impact, Verdana, Geneva;
    D. font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    Correct Answer: D
  48. Diamond is the new Web designer for Comet Designs. She has been asked to design the company Web site for its new corporate customer. She knows the following facts:
    ? The company distributes party goods.
    ? The site will have wide distribution.
    ? The site users are technologically unsophisticated.
    What guidelines will help Diamond design an appropriate new site for the audience?

    A. Site users prefer Flash streaming media plug-ins.
    B. Most site users do not use plug-ins in their browsers.
    C. A resolution of 800×600 pixels is the minimum design standard.
    D. Most site users still have modem connections with speeds of 56 Kbps.
    Correct Answer: C
  49. How many fonts are commonly used in Web page design?

    A. Two
    B. Four
    C. Six
    D. Eight
    Correct Answer: A
  50. Martin has created a Web site that uses colors to direct users through the site. Although the site looks great, users are frustrated when trying to find content. What should Martin do to enhance navigability but retain the look and feel of the site?

    A. Use the same color throughout the site.
    B. Add a color legend in the navigation menu.
    C. Place a path marker at the bottom of each page.
    D. Ensure that page headings are sufficiently descriptive.
    Correct Answer: B
  51. When you publish a Flash file, Flash generates the HTML code for inserting an object in a Web page. Which of the following code fragments indicates the correct attributes that identify a SWF file within the <object> tag?

    A. <param type=movie src="myFlashMovie.swf">
    B. <param name=movie data="myFlashMovie.swf">
    C. <param name=movie value="myFlashMovie.swf">
    D. <param value=movie name="myFlashMovie.swf">
    Correct Answer: C
  52. In order to create two simultaneous moving objects, you would need at least:

    A. one layer, one timeline and four keyframes.
    B. one layer, two timelines and two keyframes.
    C. two layers, one timeline and two keyframes.
    D. two layers, one timeline and four keyframes.
    Correct Answer: D
  53. Tomas wants to resize the same vector image on different pages of his Web site. Which Web graphics format would be ideal for this?

    A. SVG
    B. JPEG
    C. GIF 87a
    D. GIF 89a
    Correct Answer: A
  54. Which of the following is a standard use of cookies?

    A. Capturing keystrokes
    B. Scanning hard disk drives
    C. Storing password information
    D. Recording financial information
    Correct Answer: C
  55. Some of your site’s users have called to complain that they do not understand the policy for shipping charges. Initially, the Web team created a pop-up window that appears at the point of purchase, designed to explain the shipping charge policy. Why did some of these users fail to get this message?

    A. Because antivirus software blocked the pop-ups
    B. Because newer browsers have automatic pop-up blockers
    C. Because firewalls blocked the client-side scripts that create pop-ups
    D. Because firewalls blocked the server-side scripts that create pop-ups
    Correct Answer: B
  56. XML tags must be written:

    A. in lowercase letters only.
    B. in uppercase letters only.
    C. in both uppercase and lowercase letters.
    D. consistently in uppercase or lowercase letters.
    Correct Answer: D
  57. Jay is about to integrate animation into his Web site. He has decided that using shape tweening is the most dynamic technique with which to begin. In using this technique, what must he remember to do?

    A. Be careful to use no symbols for objects.
    B. Use interesting symbols for all of the objects.
    C. Include more than one tween on the top layer.
    D. Use a circular pattern, moving objects between locations.
    Correct Answer: A
  58. Jacob runs a Web site specializing in selling music from independent artists. Most of the site’s customers want to know about unknown or new artists in the music industry whose work is available on Jacob’s site. Site visitors have requested an easier way to learn about updates to the New Artists page. Which of the following will best meet visitors’ needs?

    A. Update the New Artists page more often.
    B. Install an RSS feed for the New Artists page.
    C. Install a search feature on the New Artists page.
    D. Use a different font for each new entry on the New Artists page.
    Correct Answer: B
  59. Which of the following is the minimal requirement for an XML document?

    A. It must be delimited.
    B. It must be well-formed.
    C. It must be embedded within HTML code.
    D. It must be embedded within XHTML code.
    Correct Answer: B
  60. The primary purpose of a plug-in is to:

    A. take the form of a new user interface to process multimedia files through an encoding application.
    B. extend the functionality of the user’s browser by providing seamless integration of multimedia formats.
    C. test the user’s browser and upgrade, if needed, to a browser version that supports multimedia formats.
    D. identify the version of the user’s operating system to determine which multimedia formats are supported.
    Correct Answer: B
  61. Lisa needs to create a rollover image to act as her Web site’s navigation buttons. What is the minimum number of images she must use to achieve a rollover effect?

    A. One
    B. Two
    C. Three
    D. Four
    Correct Answer: B
  62. Suandi is documenting the technology choices of his Web development team. In the document, he explains his reasons for using JavaScript as a development language on the client side because:

    A. it is best suited for open-source browsers.
    B. it is compatible with the widest variety of Web browsers.
    C. it is the scripting version of the popular Java programming language.
    D. it was specifically developed for use with the Internet Explorer Web browser.
    Correct Answer: B
  63. SVG files can be defined as:

    A. a bitmap photo format.
    B. a cross-platform image-rendering plug-in.
    C. a proprietary plug-in for displaying Flash files.
    D. a way to describe two-dimensional graphics in XML.
    Correct Answer: D
  64. Brent is creating a client-side script to preload images used in rollovers on his Web site. In order for the images to be preloaded into the browser cache, which JavaScript object should Brent instantiate and point to the location of the needed image?

    A. Img
    B. Image
    C. HREF
    D. RollOver
    Correct Answer: B
  65. What must you consider when designing pages using the JavaScript open() method?

    A. Server-side includes
    B. Browser plug-in issues
    C. Pop-up blocker software
    D. Unsupported screen reader software
    Correct Answer: C
  66. Which of the following is one of the advantages that SWF (Flash) files bring to Web-based environments?

    A. SWF files are compressed, so files download quickly.
    B. SWF files use layers, so animation is linear and parallel.
    C. SWF files use vector images, so files can be easily modified.
    D. SWF files can stream images, so files can be uploaded quickly.
    Correct Answer: A
  67. Which of the following plug-ins would be used to view paper-based documents that cannot be easily re-created using XHTML?

    A. Microsoft Fax Viewer
    B. Word processor applications
    C. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    D. Portable Document Format (PDF)
    Correct Answer: D
  68. Which of the following is true with regard to creating an XML application?

    A. The application must always be run from a Web server.
    B. XML must always be embedded with XHTML, not HTML.
    C. The tags can use uppercase and lowercase characters.
    D. The application must be able to determine page structure if it is used on a Web page.
    Correct Answer: C
  69. You have been asked to create a page that retrieves information from a database. Which of the following is the first step in obtaining information from a database from a Web page?

    A. Conduct a database query.
    B. Create a connection to the database.
    C. Create a recordset to hold the query results.
    D. Put the results in a recordset to ensure that the database returns data properly.
    Correct Answer: B
  70. Ben has decided to use a MySQL database on a Linux system to store data for his business-to-business (B2B) Web site. Which language can he use to request the data?

    A. PHP
    B. CSS
    C. VRML
    D. XHTML
    Correct Answer: A
  71. Your new customer, Chattawa, is the education coordinator for Bluelake County Schools. He has asked you to design a Web site to teach school personnel in aboriginal issues. He presents you with a report about current concerns that aboriginal children’s learning styles are not being addressed in the school system. He suggests that you reproduce the report online and add aboriginal art in the margins. Whose perspective should you take as you design the site?

    A. Your perspective
    B. The site user’s perspective
    C. The school administration’s perspective
    D. The education coordinator’s perspective
    Correct Answer: B
  72. Manuel has been hired by XYZ Corporation to develop a Web site that will display information about the company’s products and in-stock quantities to potential customers. The company currently has more than 1,000 products in its catalog. Which approach is best for providing Web site customers with the necessary information?

    A. Develop static XHTML pages that display the product information to the customers.
    B. Provide a link to a PDF catalog of the company’s products that customers can download.
    C. Create an XML file of product information and display it using XSLT on one of the site pages.
    D. Create a server-side application that queries product data from the company’s database and displays it on a Web page.
    Correct Answer: D
  73. Pop-up and pop-under windows were once considered a valid advertising method for some Web designers. Most designers now consider this advertising method invalid because users tend to find pop-ups and pop-unders annoying. Which of the following is another common reason to avoid pop-ups and pop-unders?

    A. The HTML code is no longer supported.
    B. Pop-ups are a single browser technology.
    C. Many browsers now feature pop-up blockers.
    D. Pop-ups are considered an invasion of privacy.
    Correct Answer: C
  74. Which Web development team member is responsible for developing a site’s navigation?

    A. Web programmer
    B. Graphics designer
    C. Information architect
    D. Information Technology (IT) professional
    Correct Answer: C
  75. Homer has been asked to create a monthly advertising message and send it by bulk e-mail to all e-mail addresses collected from customers who have purchased products from the company. What should Homer include in the bulk e-mail message to ensure customer privacy?

    A. The customer’s e-mail address in the body of the message
    B. A section in which recipients can provide feedback about the company
    C. An opt-in option to receive additional similar messages from related companies
    D. An opt-out option for recipients to stop receiving future advertising messages from the company
    Correct Answer: D
  76. You are a member of a Web development team exploring design issues. Which of the following items should you consider first when designing a new site?

    A. Site map
    B. Navigational elements
    C. Information organization
    D. Page layout and structure
    Correct Answer: C
  77. George is developing an intranet site for his company. How can he establish consistency for the structure and layout of all the pages, but leave decisions about the content of each page to the individual departments?

    A. Use style guides.
    B. Use inline frames.
    C. Create a site map.
    D. Create a site template.
    Correct Answer: D
  78. Your company often uses bulk e-mail to announce new products. You have been asked to design an HTML page containing a product announcement that will be sent via e-mail. Which of the following can be used to reduce accusations that your company sends spam to users?

    A. Create a link at the bottom of the e-mail announcement that leads to an opt-out page.
    B. Send your message as an attachment to the product announcement e-mail message.
    C. Create an opt-out link at the bottom of the e-mail message, and include the company name and purpose of the letter in the Subject field.
    D. Send a separate e-mail announcement that asks users to forward the previous e-mail message to a salesperson in order to be removed from the company’s e-mail list.
    Correct Answer: C
  79. Which of the following best describes the type of information that Web server log files can collect?

    A. Browser version, reviewed products, IP address
    B. Browser information, pages viewed, referrer sites
    C. Browser information, return visits, past purchases
    D. Credit card number used, favorite products, pages viewed
    Correct Answer: B
  80. Certain Web sites are known to be successful. What do these successful Web sites have in common?

    A. They all sell books and clothing.
    B. They have created a unique metaphor.
    C. They focus on fulfilling unmet needs of Web site consumers.
    D. They have published a well-documented mind map of their Web site.
    Correct Answer: C
  81. Ben has reviewed surveys from a selected pool of potential site visitors. What should he do first with this valuable information?

    A. Design navigation schemes to direct visitors to promotional pages.
    B. Create a set of user behavior scenarios to use in a "bottom-up" approach to site design.
    C. Populate a database with information about prospective customers for a targeted e-mail campaign.
    D. Establish a page layout template that enables visitors to easily scan for content that interests them.
    Correct Answer: B
  82. Your friend sent you a Flash movie by e-mail. You want to download it and make changes to it, but when you try to open it in Flash, the movie only plays back. What is the reason for this?

    A. The movie is corrupted and cannot be edited.
    B. The movie is in FLA format and cannot be edited.
    C. The movie is in SWF format and cannot be edited.
    D. The movie was created with a version of Flash that is incompatible with your version.
    Correct Answer: C
  83. Which of the following is true of both SWF and SVG file formats?

    A. Both can be streamed.
    B. Both are open industry standards.
    C. Both are W3C Recommendations.
    D. Both describe two-dimensional vector graphics.
    Correct Answer: D
  84. You are designing a Web site for a customer who wants to incorporate multimedia on the site. In terms of site design, what must you consider before you begin?

    A. You must determine which file format is widely used so that site visitors will be easily able to find and install the necessary plug-ins.
    B. You must decide which format is proprietary to a specific plug-in so that visitors will not be able to easily copy your work to another site.
    C. You must consider the cost you will need to charge site visitors for downloading and installing the necessary plug-ins to view the site’s multimedia.
    D. You must not implement multimedia that requires a plug-in because you do not know whether plug-ins will work in multiple browser types and versions.
    Correct Answer: A
  85. Where do SVG files render?

    A. On the client side
    B. On the server side
    C. In the XML markup
    D. In the Flash plug-in
    Correct Answer: A
  86. Consider the following code:
    <director>Michael Curtiz</director>
    What kind of code is shown in the preceding example?

    A. XML
    B. HTML
    C. VBScript
    D. activescript
    Correct Answer: A
  87. Processes that take client input, perform functions on the Web server and then return content to the Web browser are known as:

    A. scripting languages.
    B. client-side technologies.
    C. server-side technologies.
    D. hyperthreading technologies.
    Correct Answer: C
  88. Kylee is creating a Flash animation banner. The banner is advertising a company’s change of ownership. In the banner, the old company logo needs to morph into the new logo. What is the best way for Kylee to do this?

    A. Create a shape tween between the old and the new logos.
    B. Create a motion tween between the old and the new logos.
    C. Convert the logos into symbols and create a shape tween between the old and the new logos.
    D. Convert the logos into symbols and create a motion tween between the old and the new logos.
    Correct Answer: A
  89. Marcos is writing a client-side JavaScript that asks the user to type a dollar amount that will be used to compute a loan payment amount. Which of the following methods can Marcos use to ask the user for input?

    A. alert(Please enter the loan amount.);
    B. msgbox(Please enter the loan amount.);
    C. prompt(Please enter the loan amount., );
    D. input(Please enter the loan amount., Loan Calculation);
    Correct Answer: C
  90. Which of the following file types does not require a plug-in to be installed in the browser?

    A. ASP
    B. PDF
    C. SVG
    D. SWF
    Correct Answer: A
  91. Which of the following is used in Secure XML to verify the origin of a message?

    A. Triple DES
    B. A digital signature
    C. Symmetric-key encryption
    D. An open encryption standard known as Gnu Privacy Guard
    Correct Answer: B
  92. Consider the following XML code:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <date>January 28, 2006</date>
    <name>Mr. Harold Gray</name>
    <company>Gray Industries</company>
    236 Washington Boulevard, Suite 480
    Grover, CA 90000
    The preceding code will not work properly. Which of the following describes the reason for this?

    A. The Date field is not specified correctly.
    B. XML tags cannot use uppercase letters.
    C. A tag has been inconsistently formatted.
    D. The code was created by a proprietary application.
    Correct Answer: C
  93. According to the W3C XML Recommendation, XML documents that are not well-formed:

    A. will not load in the browser.
    B. will load in the browser and then generate an error.
    C. will generate an error and then load in the browser.
    D. will load in the browser until reaching the violation, and then stop.
    Correct Answer: A
  94. Consider the following code:
    Which of the following describes the function of this code?

    A. It is selecting a table from the database.
    B. It is conducting a join for a new database.
    C. It is creating a connection to the database.
    D. It is selecting a database record and creating a new record.
    Correct Answer: C
  95. Applying masks in Flash allows for the creation of depth on the Web page. Which of the following is true when creating vector masks?

    A. You can link no more than one layer to a single mask layer.
    B. Creating a mask requires an understanding of action scripting.
    C. You create masks on motion guide layers and normal layers in Flash.
    D. A mask layer contains a filled shape that blocks off objects on at least one other layer.
    Correct Answer: D
  96. Which of the following languages is used to update a table in a relational database?

    A. C#
    B. SQL
    C. Java
    D. PHP
    Correct Answer: B
  97. The JavaScript open() method that is used to create a pop-up/pop-under window belongs to what DOM object?

    A. Body
    B. Client
    C. Window
    D. Document
    Correct Answer: C
  98. Cookies can be used to:

    A. target users for marketing.
    B. spread viruses on a network.
    C. execute programs on a Web server.
    D. send personal information back to the Web server.
    Correct Answer: A
  99. You have decided that using a pop-up window is appropriate in a particular situation. Which of the following can you use to ensure that the window is displayed in the proper location?

    A. CSS and XHTML
    B. XHTML and pseudo-code
    C. JavaScript and pseudo-code
    D. JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM)
    Correct Answer: D
  100. Which of the following technologies can be used to create rollover images without the use of special plug-ins?

    A. SVG
    B. CSS
    C. Flash
    D. XHTML
    Correct Answer: B
  101. SVG files can be defined as:

    A. a bitmap photo format.
    B. a cross-platform image-rendering plug-in.
    C. a proprietary plug-in for displaying Flash files.
    D. a way to describe two-dimensional graphics in XML.
    Correct Answer: D
  102. Jason is attempting to gain unauthorized access to a corporate server by running a program that enters passwords from a long list of possible passwords. This type of attack is known as a:

    A. brute-force attack.
    B. forced-entry attack.
    C. buffer overflow attack.
    D. denial-of-service attack.
    Correct Answer: A
  103. While designing a Web site for a customer, you are asked to add several photographic images to one of the pages. Which format would be best suited for this type of image?

    A. GIF
    B. TIFF
    C. BMP
    D. JPEG
    Correct Answer: D
  104. During a project meeting, Anna is explaining the requirements for a development server. Which of the following items should be identical between the development server and the production server?

    A. The motherboard chip set
    B. The operating system configuration
    C. The manufacturer of the hard disk drive
    D. The amount of unused space on the hard disk drive
    Correct Answer: B
  105. Kristi is developing a Web site for Roscoe Carnival Supplies. Roscoe’s CEO has provided several JPG images that he wants to include on the home page of the site. As Kristi begins to design the page, she realizes that she cannot achieve the tight design she wants because many of the images have excess white space around them. What should Kristi do to solve the problem?

    A. Crop the image to reduce excess white space.
    B. Modify the image’s height and/or width dimensions.
    C. Delete the layer with the most white space from the JPG file.
    D. Modify the image’s resolution to reduce unneeded white space.
    Correct Answer: A
  106. Kim is using a proprietary HTML application to create code for a Web page. Currently, the application is set to use HTML 4.01, according to a request from Kim’s supervisor. Kim wants the code to be as XHTML-compliant as possible, in case of an upgrade. Which of the following should she do?

    A. Configure the application to use UTF-8.
    B. Insert embedded style sheets for all pages.
    C. Insert an XHTML 1.0 Transitional <!DOCTYPE> tag.
    D. Enable the application to insert ending tags for all code.
    Correct Answer: D
  107. You have created an animation using a commercial software package. You decide that you want the animation sequence to play faster without frame loss. The frame delay rate is set to 30 (30/100 second). In order to increase the speed of the sequence, you should:

    A. decrease the rate to less than 30.
    B. increase the rate to more than 30.
    C. insert additional frames in the animation.
    D. decrease the number of frames in the animation.
    Correct Answer: A
  108. The best use of an XHTML table is to:

    A. display tabular data.
    B. create complex layouts.
    C. occupy the entire space of a Web page.
    D. generate fluid design using percentages.
    Correct Answer: A
  109. You are creating a Web site that uses a large graphics image containing more than 256 colors on its main page. You do not want to reduce the image size or the resolution. One method to reduce the perceived load time of the graphic is to:

    A. divide the image into slices.
    B. reduce the color depth of the image.
    C. convert the file into a GIF 89a format.
    D. convert the image into a BMP2 format.
    Correct Answer: A
  110. You are creating a Web site for a customer. You will use an external linked style sheet for controlling the style of elements and giving a consistent look and feel to the site. Which of the following best describes this external style sheet?

    A. A text file that uses the .css file name extension and contains only style definitions
    B. A text file that uses the .htm file name extension and contains only style definitions
    C. A text file that uses the .css file name extension and contains style definitions and HTML formatting tags
    D. A text file that uses the .htm file name extension and contains style definitions and HTML formatting tags
    Correct Answer: A
  111. You have created a design template using Dreamweaver MX 2004 and generated several child Web pages from this original template. What happens if you edit the original template?

    A. The Z-index of each child page increases.
    B. The change has no effect on the child pages.
    C. The layer number of each child page increases.
    D. The child pages reflect the change to the original.
    Correct Answer: D
  112. You are creating a Web site for a customer, which will have many pages. You want to implement a single style sheet to control all the pages on the site. Which of the following would be the preferred method for doing so?

    A. Use an internal style sheet.
    B. Use an external style sheet.
    C. Use an exported style sheet.
    D. Use an embedded style sheet.
    Correct Answer: B
  113. Server and operating system vendors regularly update their software by offering security patches when new vulnerabilities are discovered. To keep your Web site and server safe, you should apply security patches:

    A. after your system has been compromised.
    B. after they have been standardized by the ISO.
    C. as soon as they are released and proven stable.
    D. during your next scheduled monthly maintenance session.
    Correct Answer: C
  114. Which of the following is an acceptable way to insert a background image using a style sheet?

    A. <img src=background.jpg>
    B. background-image: url(background.tiff);
    C. background-image: url(background.jpg);
    D. background-position: background.jpg bottom right;
    Correct Answer: C
  115. Which of the following will best protect a server from Web server vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers?

    A. Using strong passwords
    B. Installing updates (for example, service packs)
    C. Using the POST method instead of the GET method for a Web form
    D. Using the GET method instead of the POST method for a Web form
    Correct Answer: B
  116. Which attribute should be used to assign inline styles to HTML?

    A. id
    B. style
    C. value
    D. class
    Correct Answer: B
  117. Consider the following code:
    <!–XHTML 1.0 Transitional Web page template–>
    Which of the following describes the tag used to insert this message?

    A. It is a proprietary tag.
    B. It is a custom XML tag.
    C. It is a style sheet reference.
    D. It is a standard comment tag.
    Correct Answer: D
  118. What is the process for following every link on your site to ensure that it goes to the correct location?

    A. Site validation
    B. Site optimization
    C. Manual link checking
    D. Manual link optimization
    Correct Answer: C
  119. Sandra needs to check the hyperlinks on her company’s Web site to verify that the URLs are still valid. What is the fastest method to accomplish this task?

    A. Manual link checking
    B. Site validation checking
    C. Automatic link checking
    D. Manual link optimization
    Correct Answer: C
  120. Tom is making changes to his company’s Web site. Because he likes the way the markup is styled, he copies the following into another section of the page:

    <div id="subsection"> This section is under construction</div>

    Why does the home page not validate properly?

    A. The <div> tag was not closed properly.
    B. Element attributes must be declared in the style sheet.
    C. A <div> tag can be used only once in each document’s markup.
    D. An ID attribute can be applied to only one element in a document.
    Correct Answer: D
  121. Brent wants to use the same image on each page of his site, but wants to have a different color in a part of that image from one page to the next. Using an image software editor, he decides to create a master layered image with the changes on their own layer. Which file format would allow Brent to accomplish this task?

    A. GIF
    B. JPG
    C. PNG
    D. BMP
    Correct Answer: C
  122. During a project meeting, Eric explains the need for a development server to host the company’s new Web site during development. Eric’s IT co-workers want to know who will have access to the development server. What should Eric tell them?

    A. The development server will be accessible to all members of the organization as well as the public.
    B. The development server will be accessible to the development team and to authorized members of the organization.
    C. The development server will be accessible to the public in order to collect public opinion on the development of the Web site.
    D. The development server will be accessible to all members of the organization in order to obtain their suggestions on the development of the Web site.
    Correct Answer: B
  123. Kara is using FrontPage 2003 to build a new Web site. She has just finished creating a template page that contains the layout, fonts and menu items for all other pages in the site, as well as an editable region for each page’s individual content. Other members of Kara’s design team are using Dreamweaver to also work on the site. What should Kara name this file?

    A. Ktem.dwt
    B. KTem.htm
    C. KarasTemplate.asp
    D. KarasTemplate.tem
    Correct Answer: A
  124. You receive complaints from customers that your Web site is inaccessible. You check the Web server and notice that it is behaving sluggishly. You cannot explain the sluggishness because the server logs show that few Web server connections exist. However, a security worker notices that thousands of ICMP packets are being sent to the server every second, making the server drop connections. What type of attack is being waged against your site?

    A. Brute force
    B. Denial of service
    C. Social engineering
    D. Password guessing
    Correct Answer: B
  125. You have been given a JPEG image to insert in a page. This image was taken using a high-resolution camera. Which of the following is the primary concern in regard to your Web site’s users?

    A. Image download time
    B. Lossy compression issues
    C. JPEG image support of only 256 colors
    D. The pixelated appearance of JPEG images
    Correct Answer: A
  126. Which of the following formats uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to describe certain shapes and is best for working with two-dimensional line art and shapes?

    A. SVG
    B. PNG
    C. SWF
    D. JPEG
    Correct Answer: A
  127. HTML was originally created to:

    A. include images in documents.
    B. describe the content of the page.
    C. add color and contrast for variety.
    D. define the structure of text documents.
    Correct Answer: D
  128. It is often suggested that a Web design team hire a professional editor. What advantage does the contribution of the editor bring to the site design process?

    A. The editor brings cultural perspectives to the process.
    B. The editor sets the tone, making style guides unnecessary.
    C. The editor is responsible for the accuracy of the information.
    D. The editor ensures that the site is consistent in tone and content.
    Correct Answer: D
  129. Your site development team has created a Web site, and you want to test its accessibility. Which of the following do you need to conduct the test?

    A. A test pool of very unskilled users
    B. A test pool of at least five or six typical users
    C. A test pool of at least six members of the Web team
    D. A test pool of fewer than five moderately skilled users
    Correct Answer: B
  130. Your team is creating a Web site for a small non-profit organization. Which of the following will help all users, including those with vision disabilities?

    A. Using Flash animation
    B. Using relative font sizes
    C. Using absolute font sizes
    D. Using a patterned background
    Correct Answer: B
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