Serial Murders

  1. The Green River Killer
    Name: Gary Ridgeway Confessed to killing 48 women over a twenty-year time period in the Seattle, Washington area. He had been married three times and was still married at the time of his arrest. He was employed as a truck painter for thirty-two years. He attended church regularly, read the Bible at home and at work, and talked about religion with co-workers. Ridgeway also frequently picked up prostitutes and had sex with them throughout the time period in which he was killing.
  2. Robert Yates
    killed seventeen prostitutes in the Spokane, Washington area, during the 1990s. He was married with five children, lived in a middle class neighborhood, and was a decorated U.S. Army National Guard helicopter pilot. During the time period of the murders, Yates routinely patronized prostitutes, and several of his victims knew each other. Yates buried one of his victims in his yard, beneath his bedroom window. Yates was eventually arrested and pled guilty to thirteen of the murders.
  3. The BTK killer
    Name: Dennis Rader, killed ten victims in and around Wichita, Kansas. He sent sixteen written communications to the news media over a thirty-year period, taunting the police and the public. He was married with two children, was a Boy Scout leader, served honorably in the U.S. Air Force, was employed as a local government official, and was president of his church.
  4. Charles Ng
    a native of Hong Kong, China, killed numerous victims in Northern California, in concert with Robert Lake.
  5. Derrick Todd Leean
    African-American, killed at least six women in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  6. Coral Eugene Wattsan
    • African-American, killed five victims in Michigan,
    • fled the state to avoid detection, and murdered another 12 victims in Texas,
    • before being apprehended.
  7. Rafael Resendez-Ramirez
    a native of Mexico, murdered nine people in Kentucky, Texas, and Illinois, before turning himself in.
  8. Rory Conde
    a Colombian native, was responsible for six prostitute homicides in the Miami, Florida area.
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