1. "Why does one bully?"
    "To be empowered or in control"
  2. "What does 24/7 represent?"
    "Time available to be bullied"
  3. "Pushed, shoved, face to face confrontation"
    "Characteristics of a normal bully"
  4. "Text message insult"
    "Example of cyberbullying"
  5. "What is Flaming"
    "Online fights with angry and vulgar language"
  6. "What is cyberstalking"
    "Repeatedly sending messages that include threats"
  7. "What is denigration"
    "Sending or posting cruel gossip or rumors to damage reputation"
  8. "What is Impersonation"
    "Pretending to be someone else and sending or posting material that makes a person look bad"
  9. "What is Trickery"
    "Sharing someone's secret or embarrassing information on line"
  10. "What is Cyberbullying"
    "Cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material using technology"
  11. "Tools used for cyberbullying are: e-mail, text messaging and cell phone"
  12. "Difference between a normal bully and a cyberbully"
    "Cyberbully is afraid of loosing computer privilege"
  13. "What is harassment"
    "Repeatedlyt sending offensive, rude messages"
  14. "What is difference between Asynchronous and Syncronous"
    "Asynchronous is not real time"
  15. "Who was instrumental in starting bullying policies"
    "Ryan Halligan's parents"
  16. "What is a social network"
    "A set of online tools designed to CONNECT people"
  17. "Name 4 types of Cytberbullies"
    "Vengeful Angel, Power-Hungry, Mean Girls, Inadvertent Cyberbullies"
  18. "What is a Vengeful Angel"
    "Doesn't see themselves as a bully, just righting a wrong and protecting others"
  19. "What is a Power-Hungry type of bully"
    "Traditional schoolyard bullying mentality using technology to frighten or embarrass a victim"
  20. "What is an inadvertent Cyberbully"
    "Didn't mean to cyberbully anyone, responded out of anger, does not think he/she is a bully"
  21. "Name some characteristics of a bullied person"
    "Low self-esteem, poor academic grades, Depression, suicide thoughts, or drinking or drug problem"
  22. "What is denigration"
    "Dissing someone online, sending or posting cruel gossip to damage a person's reputation"
  23. "What is impersonation"
    "Might steal someone's password and pretend to be that person saying inappropriate things"
  24. "Predators seek kids who are the ideal age of"
    "11 to 14"
  25. "What are the 6 Steps Predators use to lure their victims"
    "Befriending, Making the offer, Incriminating evidence, Contact or honeymoon phase, guilt and threats, the truth emerges"
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