Basic Vocab

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  1. Evoke
    In operant conditioning, MOs and Sds evoke behavior
  2. Base
    Without principles

    Many interventions for CWA are base.  When you ask what skills or behaviors will be observed, measured, and always get indeterminate responses.
  3. Estimable
    Deserving respect

    Jack Michael's writings about MOs are estimable as evidenced by the inclusion of his chapter in Cooper.
  4. Elude
    Failed to be grasped

    The ability to make use of MOs in everyday teaching has eluded most behavior analysts.
  5. Primacy
    Of greatest importance

    The primacy of "pairing with positive reinforcment" can not be overstated.
  6. Improvident
    Not careful

    CWA can not afford decision makers to be improvident when developing educational programming.
  7. Attenuate
    Taper off

    I have found that without top-heavy support, a parent's confidence and motivation to implement a schedule attenuates.
  8. Assiduously
    With great care

    It pays to develop a home schedule assiduously for CWA.
  9. Elicit
    • What happens when a response occurs in a respondent conditioning paradigm. 
    • An eye blink is elicited by a puff of air in your eye
  10. Artlessness

    Dr. Haque's therapist artlessness was humorous.
  11. Flippant
    Not showing respect

    I completely understand why many people are flippant towards ABA.
  12. Creditable
    Good but not great

    Peter Gerhardt makes the case that "evidence-based" may be creditable but often has no primacy for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  13. Copious

    The research for ABA is copious, however, the the ability to apply the principles effectively to benefit individual children.... eludes many/most practitioners.
  14. Aphorism
    Short saying written in memorable form

    My favorite aphorism is "One small deed is better than a million grand intentions".
  15. Presumptuous
    Overly forward

    I find that many people in the field of special education are presumptuous when making decisions regarding alternative communication.
  16. Abberant
    Abnormal or deviant 
  17. Emit
    When a behavior is evoked in the operant paradigm we say that the behavior was emitted. The evocative stimulus leads to the emission of the operant response.
  18. Apogee
    Highest point in the development of something.
  19. Evanescent
    Short lived, quickly fading or disappearing.

    Facilitated communication, like many other quick fix therapies was evanescent.
  20. Complaisant
    Cheerfully obedient

    After the first day or two of implementing a schedule, most children are very complaisant.
  21. Loath

    Many parents are loath to raise expectations for their child.
  22. Inviolable
  23. Puerile

    I find that being puerile accelerates the pairing process.
  24. Tyro

    All great teachers, speech therapists, and behavior analysts were tyros at one time.
  25. Ossify

    Schaffer 93' contends that assumed knowledge regarding picture systems has become ossified despite the fact that there is relatively little support.
  26. Lachrymose
    Weepy, tending to cause tears.

    It is common for the child to become lachrymose during extinction.
  27. Conciliate
    Make peace with

    I enjoy seeing the child conciliate and cooperate.
  28. Ebullient
    Lively and enthusiastic

    Being ebullient can break the ice and give you an edge when pairing.
  29. Corollary

    Inaction is a corollary that can have profound long term implications
  30. Nettlesome

    Be nettlesome when running extinction!
  31. Inchoate
    Not fully informed

    Parents of newly diagnosed children are inchoate and desperate.

  32. Antipathy

    I find that people from other fields have a real antipathy for ABA.
  33. Avarice

    Avarice has led to the bastardization of ABA.
  34. Gambit

    Cookie cutter ABA programs are just gambits to make money and do more harm than good.
  35. Perpetuate
    Make happen indefinitely

    Unfortunately, parents often inadvertently perpetuate learned helplessness by doing everything for their child.
  36. Epigram
    Witty saying

    My favorite Skinner epigram is "the rat is never wrong".
  37. Celerity

    Fluency is celerity and accuracy combined.
  38. Disinterested

    I think most disinterested persons would agree with Skinner's analysis of VB if they understood it!
  39. Enmity

    Many people in related fields show a real enmity  for ABA
  40. Charlatan
    Con artist

    The charlatans in the field cannot specify what behaviors/skills will be targeted, measured, and evaluated.
  41. Epiphany
    Sudden realization

    My first exposure to SAVB was a real epiphany for me.
  42. Flag

    After 15 years of trying to make the case, my enthusiasm is beginning to flag.
  43. Exacting

    Though the learning curve of radical behaviorism is so exacting, it is worth the journey.
  44. Truculance
    Tendency to fight

    FAPE can create truculence in special education.
  45. Consecrate
    Make holy

    Smith & Iwata 97' consecrated Jack Michael's work on EOs.
  46. Grandiloquent

    University tenure creates experts who are grandiloquent in their writings and/or presentations but have limited practical experience.
  47. Artless
    Without deception

    I would rather work with an artless but willing aide than a grandiloquent BCBA.
  48. Erudite

    Jack Michael is the least grandiloquent and most erudite person I have ever met.
  49. Cryptic

    Skinner 45' contends that even cryptic concepts such as VB, feelings, and emotions can be explained using the same behavioral principles.
  50. Dolorous

    I am dolorous about my inability to help Aldo and his family.
  51. Denouement
    For parents, the denouement of our children's life keeps us awake at night.
  52. Chimera

    Many parents believe that a well-behaved and productive child is a chimera.
  53. Puissant
  54. Halcyon

    I find great joy in seeing a home turn from anxiety-filled to halcyon.
  55. Unpropitious
    Unlikely to succeed

    Parents often feel unpropitious implementing a schedule.
  56. Precipitate
  57. Tempestuous
    Intensely emotional

    Extinction is often more tempestuous for the parent than it is for the child.
  58. Apothegm
    Short saying

    My favorite Einstein apothegm is-- Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  59. Sagacious

    The PECs people are the most sagacious marketers in the field.
  60. Surreptitious

    I prepare in advance because it helps me be surreptitious when delivering reinforcement.
  61. Solicitude
    Feeling of concern
  62. Mitigate
    Lessen the severity of

    Zeroing in on the deficits that define the diagnosis helps to mitigate the impact the disability has on both the child and their family.
  63. Ostracise

    Children who find no value in using language or in interacting with others, are more likely to be ostracized later in life.
  64. Affable
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