6th Grade Social Studies 1st Exam

  1. Part of the Christian Bible that contains the Gospels
    New Testament
  2. what does the word pax Roman mean?
    Roman peace
  3. what is a catacomb?
    A place where people were shipped and are buried
  4. Who is the man who is the greatest of the five emperors?
    Marcus Arelious
  5. Roman general who forced Hannibal out of Rome.
  6. The Roman arena
  7. what was the capital of the Constantine empire?
    Constantinople, which became Istanbul
  8. what is the topper site?
    A place in South Carolina where archaeologist found artifacts that were up to 8000 years old.
  9. what is the study of past cultures?
  10. prehistory
    The long period of time before people develop systems of writing in written language.
  11. plunder
    valuables taken in war.
  12. plague
    An epidemic of and often fatal disease.
  13. The way humans produce the items they use.
  14. Rosetta Stone
    The stone on which passage was written in three languages; Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a form of Egyptian cursive writing.
  15. movement of people from place to place
  16. fertile Crescent
    A curve region in which soil in the middle east where one of the first civilizations developed.
  17. The taming of wild animals.
  18. A place people lived a long long time ago.
    East Africa
  19. Theodosius
    Ancient Roman emperor who made Christianity Rome's official religion in 380.
  20. what was the time when the world was covered with ice?
    ice Age
  21. what was the land bridge called?
  22. Sparta
    In ancient Greek city state that was under strict military rule.
  23. what are the average weather conditions called?
  24. Hippocrates
    Ancient Greek doctor who is often called the father of medicine.
  25. The person who explained how levers worked.
  26. civilization
    A group of people who have a complex and organize society with in a culture.
  27. hieroglyphics
    A form of writing based on pictures.
  28. what is the Athenian governing body called?
  29. Who is the poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?
  30. patrician
    A wealthy, powerful citizen of ancient Rome.
  31. what is a hired soldier called?
  32. Republic
    A form of government in which citizens have the right to choose their leaders.
  33. what are stories about God and Goddesses called?
  34. tribune
    In ancient Rome, men who were appointed to protect the rights of Plebians.
  35. what is a person who studies truth and knowledge called?
  36. plebeian
    A common citizen of ancient Rome.
  37. what is the city state with the best example of democracy
  38. patriotism
    A sense of pride in one's country.
  39. Who is Egypt's main God?
  40. Ceasar
    an ancient Roman Emperor.
  41. The worship of many gods.
  42. Junius Brutus
    sixth century BC ancient Roman leader who, with the supporters, Forced the Etruscans out of Rome.
  43. Tiber river
    A river in Italy
  44. what is the triangle shaped area at the mouth of the Nile called?
  45. Augustus
    ancient Roman emperor who is will be gay in a long period of prosperity and peace called the Pax Roman, or the Roman peace for the ancient Roman empire.
  46. A waterfall
  47. Caligula
    Cruel ancient Roman emperor who was assassinated by members of his bodyguard.
  48. Claudius
    Ancient Roman emperor after Caligula who tried to improve conditions in the empire.
  49. what is the area between the Tigris and Euphrates river?
  50. Nero
    Ancient Roman emperor upon his death the civil war broke out.
  51. what is the site of the great pyramid?
  52. gladiator
    In ancient Rome, a professional fighter.
  53. what is a foot race of 26 miles
  54. synagogue
    A Jewish place of worship
  55. what is the form of government controlled by the people?
  56. Who is the Roman general who made Christianity the official religion of Rome?
  57. Regulus
    Ancient Roman general who was defeated in captured in a war between Rome and Carthage.
  58. Who divided Rome into two parts because it was too much to handle?
  59. Appian Way
    A famous ancient Roman Road.
  60. where was Jesus born?
  61. What was Jesus?
    The Messiah
  62. Romulus
    last Emperor of ancient Roman empire in A.D. 476 at age 12 and reined for only 11 months.
  63. Who painted the last supper?
    De Vinci
  64. Apostle
    What is that was chosen by Jesus to help him preach and spread the word of God.
  65. what are the first four books of the New Testament called?
  66. Who was the last King of ancient Rome?
  67. where was Hannibal from?
  68. Constantine
    Christian emperor who made Christianity equal to all other religions in Rome and united the Roman empire after Diocletian had divided into two parts.
  69. Vandal
    A person who destroys property
  70. what is the Greek marketplace?
  71. pope
    The leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
  72. what is another name for a slave?
  73. what was the ruling body?
  74. what was the ruling body made up of?
  75. Commodus
    ancient Roman emperor who suceeded his father, Marcus Arelious, and began the decline of the Roman empire.
  76. Byzantium
    an old Greek city, renamed Constantinople, that became the center of the by byzantine empire, present-day istanbul
  77. pillage
    To Rob
  78. auction
    To sell something to the highest bidder
  79. disciple
    One of the small group of people who followed Jesus
  80. emperor
    The ruler of an empire
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