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  1. ranaissance is the rebirth of what?
    art and learning
  2. how did italys location help it become the birthplace of the renaissance?
    • thriving city states
    • patrons
    • access to greek and roman art
    • high trade
  3. years of renaissance
  4. humanism
    intellectual movement
  5. secular
  6. patron
    financial supporter of the arts
  7. perspective
    3d looking art
  8. vernacular
    everday language of ordinary people
  9. who invented the printing press in 1440?
    johann gutenberg
  10. reformantion
    religious rebirth
  11. major causes of reformation
    indulgences, people questioning church, taxes
  12. indulgences
    pardons for sins commited
  13. martin luthers main beliefs or teachings
    • bible should not dictate a persons actions
    • all people equal
    • bible is the sole source
    • gods work isnt required
  14. protestant
    non-catholic christian churces
  15. peace of ausburg
    allowed which prince to decide either catholic or lutheran
  16. anglican church
    church of england
  17. what was agreed upon at the council of trent
    • salvation comes from faith and good works
    • bible isnt sole source of religion
  18. the education of children nd missionaries was the principal goal of whom
  19. who concered the aztec empire?
  20. how did cortes conquer the empire
    • disease
    • help from other tribes
    • advanced weapons
  21. pizarro
    conquered the incas
  22. encomienda system
    spanish forced the natives to work for them
  23. joint-stock companies
    allowed people to pool large amounts of capital needed for oversea adventures
  24. first english colony in the americas
  25. plymouth
    colony founded by pilgrims
  26. massachusetts bay
    colony founded by puritans
  27. center of new france
    in quebec
  28. center of new france founded by who
  29. main economic activity of new france
    fur trading
  30. prince henry and portugal
    led the way in sponsoring exploration for portugal
  31. caravel
    sailing ship
  32. dias and da gama
    dias sailed around the tip of africa da gama went a different way
  33. french and indan war/treaty of paris
    war between britain and france
  34. triangular trade system
    europe→ africa (manufactured goods)

    africa → america (slaves)

    america → europe (raw materials)
  35. middle passage
    passage where slaves were transported
  36. treaty of tordesillas
    treaty signed by span and portugal; ocean east to portugal, west to spain
  37. how was africa affected by the atlantic slave trade
    some states disappeared, new states appeared depending on slave trade, population decrease
  38. columbian exchange
    exchange of goods between europe and america
  39. capitalism
    an economic system in which most businesses are owned privately
  40. how could a nation increase its wealth with mercantilism
    export more goods than it imports
  41. what was the main cause of the eight civil wars that were fought in france between 1562 and 1598
    religious wars between catholics and french protestnats
  42. edict of nantes
    toleration of religious in france
  43. cardinal richelieu
    true leader under louis xiii
  44. what group suffered the greatest loss of power under ivan
    boyars-land owning nobles of russia
  45. english civil war
    cavaliers vs. roundheads
  46. cromwell
    lead the roundheads to victory in the english civil war
  47. the restoration
    period when charles ii ruled, restored the monarchy
  48. heliocentric theory
    sun centered map of universe proposed by copernicus
  49. geocentric theory
    earth centered map of universe proposed by aristotle
  50. francis bacon
    scientific method
  51. andreas vesaluis
    published first accurate and detailed study of human anatomy
  52. zacharias janssen
    made the microscope
  53. anton van leeuwenhoek
    first human to see cells and microorganisms
  54. thomas hobbes
    believed in absolute monarchy. people had to hand over their rights
  55. baron de montesquieu
    divided liberty in 3 branches
  56. voltaire
    freedom of speech/religious toleration
  57. mary wollstonecraft
    promoted womans rights
  58. john locke
    3 rights, life liberty and property
  59. cesare beccaria
    convicts shouldnt be tortured
  60. jean rousseau
    direct democracy, u.s had public elections
  61. who was the bill of rights influenced by
    beccaria, voltaire, locke
  62. slogan of declaration of the rights of man
    liberty, equality, and fraternity
  63. what group imposed the reign of terror
    commitee of public safety
  64. plebiscite
    vote of the people
  65. napoleons accomplishments
    • better education
    • fairer tax code
    • government run schools
    • religious toleration
  66. continental system
    closed european ports to british goods
  67. legacy of congress of vienna
    • short-nationalistic feelings in countries
    • long- it worked, no big wars happening
  68. 3 results of agricultural revolution
    more crops, faster production, population growth
  69. laisez-faire policy
    government should intervene as little as possible
  70. 3 factors of productions that drove the industrial revolution
    land, labor, capital
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