cognition final part 1

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  1. define language
    a shared symbolic system for communication
  2. define symbols in languge
    linguistic units, sounds that form words and other meaningful units that symbolize of stand for the referent of the word
  3. define how symbols can be shared
    connections between sounds and meaning are arbitrary, but because they are shared they can be used
  4. define how language is a system for communication
    thoughts and ideas can be turned into a public message, and the other way around as well
  5. define linguistics
    the academic discipline that takes language as a topic (focuses on language itself as a formal system)
  6. define the term competence
    the internalized knowledge of a language and its rules that fully fluent speakers of that language have
  7. define the term psycholinguistics
    the study of language as it is used and learned by people
  8. define the term performance
    the actual language behavior a speaker generates, the strings of sounds and words that the speaker utters
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cognition final part 1
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