Ch. 5 Tissue Repair and Other ETC

  1. ____________ is the growth of new tissue (as opposed to scarring)
  2. A ________ is an unusually thick scar.
  3. Tissues usually repair themselves by allowing __________ cells to remove dead or injured cells.
  4. Epithelial and _________ tissues have the greatest capacity to regenerate.
  5. Like muscle tissue, _______ tissue has a very limited capacity to regenerate.
  6. Which of the following is NOT an example of epithelial membrane?

    A. Synovial membrane
  7. Pleurisy is a condition that affects which membrane?

    B. Serous membrane
  8. True / False
    Parietal membranes cover the surface of organs.
  9. True / False
    Synovial membrane and bursae are examples of connective tissue membrane.
  10. Benign tumors usually grow ________.
    A. quickly
    B. slowly
    B. slowly
  11. Malignant tumors ___________ encapsulated
    A. are
    B. are not
    B. are not
  12. An example of a benign tumor that arises from epithelial tissue is ________
    A. papilloma
    B. sarcoma
    A. papilloma
  13. Malignant tumors that arise from connective tissues are generally called _________
    A. papilloma
    B. sarcoma
    B. sarcoma
  14. A cancer specialist is an ___________

    C. Oncologist
  15. Chemotherapy uses ________ compounds to destroy malignant cells

    B. Cytoxic
  16. Inflammation
    Response to a tissue irritant
  17. Collagen
    Provides strength for connective tissue
  18. Nervous Tissue
    Contains neurons and neuroglia
  19. Mucous membrane
    Lines surfaces that lead to the exterior
  20. Tissue (general)
    Cells that perform a common function
  21. Epithelial
    Tissue that includes glandular
  22. Exocrine (type)
  23. "Scaly" (type of epithelial tissue)
  24. Histogenesis
    Process of primary germ layer's tissue development
  25. 4 Main types of Connective Tissue
    • Fibrous (Loose, Adipose, Reticular and Dense)
    • Bone (Compact and Cancellous)
    • Cartilage (Hyaline, Fibrocartilage, Elastic)
    • Blood
  26. Regeneration
    Growth of new tissue
  27. Serous is a
    membrane that lines body cavities
  28. What is the Matrix?
    Non-living intercellular material
  29. Which of the following is NOT and example of connective tissue?

    D. Glands
  30. Stratified squamous (nonkeratinized) epithelium can be found in all of the following EXCEPT:

    B. Skin
  31. Loose connective tissue is also known as:

    C. Areolar
  32. Tissue that insulates to conserve body heat is:

    C. Adipose
  33. What statement regarding blood is true?

    B. Thrombocytes are also known as platelets

    A and C are switched
  34. Cutaneous membrane:

    A. Covers body surfaces that are exposed to the external environment
  35. An example of a mucous membrane is:

    C. Lining of the respiratory tract
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