1050: Diabetes (MISC)

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  1. What is the optimum level of BG for a normal person?

    What is considered low?
    70-100 mg/dl

  2. What energy from food is metabolized by insulin?

    What does glucagon's function?
    Insulin metabolizes CHO, fat & protein.

    Glucagon stimulates hepatic production of glucose.
  3. What is ketoacidosis and which type of diabetes does it fall under?
    Ketoacidosis breaks down fat reserves since there's insufficient glucose in the body. The fat breakdown creates toxicity in the blood which results in acidosis.

    Type I diabetes.
  4. What are some complications if diabetes is left untreated?
    • stroke
    • diabetic eye disease (retinopathy & cataracts)
    • HD & HTN
    • Renal disease
    • P. vascular disease
    • Neuropathy
    • Foot problems
  5. What are some s/sx of HYPERglycemia (drugs: all except Glucogen)?

    What is A1C and what is its prediabetic value?

    What can you do to treat your A1C levels?
    Polydipsia, uria, phagia, glycosuria, dehydration.

    A1C is the primary test used to for diabetes management and is tested q3 months for average level of glucose in blood.

    Lifestyle changes.
  6. In what situations would you use insulin in lieu of oral and subQ routes?
    Pregnancy, stress, hospitalized, surgery.
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