Sociology 101 Elias

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  1. concept of the "civilizing process"
    • the civilizing process was neither planned nor intended;
    • reorganization of the human habitus that occurs with the displacement, over time, of the frontiers of shame:>violence, display of bodily functions become repulsive
    • it has no beginning, but is a continuous process (though a non linear one)
    • it is neither random nor under structured: the civilizing process is ordered and meaningful
  2. Social differentiation and competition between classes
    • because of increased volume and density people began to specialize tasks , this interdependence created a need for Class distinction and competition between class groups
    • define the haves from the have nots
  3. meaning of "habitus"
    • That which is second nature or conditioned in us, our idea of proper behavior and conduct
    • it is not something we are born with; it has evolved and constructed; so rooted within us that it becomes part of our psyche
  4. Civilizing process - the reorganization of the human habitus that occurs with the displacement, over time, of the frontiers of shame
    • violence, display of bodily functions become repulsive
    • “natural impulses” are brought under the control of the self (and the individual superego)
    • people begin to calculate more
  5. Civilizing process - increased interdependence and social differentiation
    • Change in patterns of mutual dependence (very Durkheimian)
    • Example of traffic in a complex and less complex society,requiring different kinds of psychological readiness: from emotional alertness to self-control
  6. Civilizing process - change in power
    • Pacification of social space: monopolization of physical force by stable, central political organization (state).
    • Change of social structure: emergence of non-violent forms of social competition (status competition, ability to moderate one’s affects in court society)
    • Rationalization, expansion of calculability, as people evaluate the possible consequences of their actions
  7. sociogenesis
    • the formation of society
    • the way people are bonded to each other
  8. psychogenesis
    • the formation of the self;
    • happening at an internal level;
    • this depended on the monopolization of power by the state
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