Ch. 5 Muscle and Nerve Tissue

  1. Cylindrical, Striated, Voluntary Cells

    C. Skeletal Muscle
  2. Nonstriated, involuntary, narrow fibers with only one nucleus per fiber

    C. Smooth Muscle
  3. Striated, branching, involuntary cells with intercalated disks

    C. Cardiac Muscle
  4. Responsible for willed body movements (voluntary)

    A. Skeletal Muscle
  5. Also called Visceral Muscle

    B. Smooth Muscle
  6. Found in the walls of hollow internal organs

    B. Smooth Muscle
  7. Skeletal Muscle Tissue
    • Cross Striations
    • Nuclei
    • Muscle Fiber
  8. Cardiac Muscle Tissue
    • Nuclei
    • Intercalated disks
  9. The cell body of the neuron

    D. Soma
  10. Supportive Cells

    B. Neuroglia
  11. Cell process that transmits nerve impulses away from the cell body

    D. Axon
  12. The conducting cells of the nervous system

    C. Neuron
  13. Cell process that carries nerve impulses toward the cell body

    E. Dendrite
  14. Nervous Tissue
    • Dendrites
    • Nerve Cell Body
    • Nuclei of Neuroglia
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