Sociology 101 Freud

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  1. concept of civilization
    • concept of "civilization" for Freud
    • Mastery over nature, science and technique always forging forward
    • Beauty
    • Cleanliness & hygiene
    • Order
    • Culture: Achievements of the human spirit: arts, philosophy…
    • Laws, taboos and customs: The community restricts the individual’s possibilities for satisfaction.
  2. two basic human instincts
    • eros - desire to be loved; sexual energy, life instinct
    • thanatos - aggression; death instinct
  3. structure of the psyche
    • Ego - persona of individual developed by Super Ego and Id interactions
    • Super Ego - conscience, developed by external forces (parents [father] & civilization); represses Id
    • Id - unconscious space, instincts
  4. conflict between instinctual satisfaction and social demands
    • Civilization creates frustrations: it diminishes individual freedom because the power of the individual is sacrificed to the power of the group.
    • civilization changes us from the inside, by creates a punishing structure inside our mind: guilt, conscience, or “fear of oneself.”= fear of social disapproval
    • Leads to these set controls taught by parents which ultimately make us unhappy
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