Religion Final

  1. Abraham
    • Founder of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Had son
    • Isaac and Ishmael, was promised great offspring for obedience. Father at 75, lives to 150 monotheistic
  2. Moses
    • Performed the Exodus,
    • was brought up by Egyptian princess, freed slaves Burning bush of god,
  3. Exodus
    Most important event, leading the Jews out of slavery 40 years,given the ten commandments by YHWH
  4. YHWH
    • Name of god, cannot
    • and should not be pronounced
  5. Covenant/Testament
    • Means promise,
    • usually with god, Greek word for promise is Testament Israel will be theres if
    • obey 10 commandments
  6. King David
    • First king, anointed
    • one.  United 12 tribes David and golaith
  7. King Solomon
    • Was David’s son, built first
    • temple with ark
    • of covenant in it
  8. Messiah
    • Hebrew bible Tanakh is an acronym of the first Hebrew
    • letter of each of the Masoretic Text's three traditional subdivisions: Torah
    • ("Teaching", also known as the Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im
    • ("Prophets") and Ketuvim ("Writings")—hence TaNaKh.
  9. Torah
    • First
    • 5 books of bible, most important books, 613 laws and life rules/ guide
  10. Talmud
    • Jewish teachings, keeping the Hebrew laws still relevant
    • today Law and tradition
  11. Kosher/Holiness Code
    • Basically Word of wisdom, plus law of chastity, don’t eat
    • meat or organs, separate utensils for diff foods, ect
  12. Synagogue/Rabbi
    • Place of worship,
    • Rabbi is the leader
  13. Orthodox
    • Most strict, follow the Torah literally, follow Kosher
    • and Holiness code, far left side very strict

    •  Largest group,
    • circumcision, no tattoos, separation of gender, women cover head
  14. Conservative
    • Middle branch, there is some leeway of laws as well as
    • what they do Torah followed but leienient,women
    • rabbi
  15. Reform
    • The far right side of Judaism, they take things as
    • suggestions and still try to do good but not strict on rules Gender equalty
  16. Holocaust/Shoah
    Shoah means holocaust, 6 million Jews died from Hitler
  17. Shabbat
    • Sabbath, no
    • electicity or cooking or going out on saturday
  18. Passover
    • Lasts 8 days, most important festivle with friends, Celebrates
    • the jews being led out of slavery
  19. Hanukah
    • Only big because of Christmas, its from when Judah had only
    • oil for one night and it lasted him nine, resembles light>dark
  20. Birth
    Circumcision, girls are named 8 days later at the synagogue
  21. Puberty
    • Batmitzva/ Barmitzva boys 13-- girls 12 big party with
    • dancing and singing of becoming an adult
  22. Death
    • Burial within 24 hours, mourn for a week, loved ones
    • bring food No cremation, casual, wooden casket
  23. Jesus
    • Messiah, Son of God, died on the cross, taught in parables,
    • raised by joseph a carpenter and virgin marry
  24. Crucifixion
    • Sacrifice, of Jesus on the cross, convicted of blasphemy and
    • treason
  25. Ascension
    • After resurrection and returned to heaven, promised to send a
    • comforter, ascended 40 days after resurection
  26. Pentecost
    • 10 days after the holy spirit decended upon the apostle,
    • founding of the first Christian church 10 days after ascension
    I IESOUS- Jesus

    CH Christost -Christ

    T Theou –God                  

    U Uios - son

    S Soter – savior
  28. Parable
    • Stories to teach his lessond to those who chouldnt undertand
    • them
  29. Gospels
    • Mathew Mark Luke and
    • John
  30. New Testament
    • The New covenant with
    • Jesus instead of god
  31. Paul
    • Second father of Christianity, started out persecuting, then
    • converted on the road to demascus
  32. Church Councils
    People that created the official Doctrine of Christianity
  33. Augustine
    • First coined the word
    • original sin, Adam and eve
  34. Constantine
    Established constantanople, Emperor of Rome
  35. Martin Luther
    Protestant reformation translated the bible
  36. Protestant Reformation
    When Luther led people away from the corrupt catholic church
  37. Predestination
    • God already has a
    • plan for us, cant change destiny
  38. Crusades
    Taking the holy land back from the muslims
  39. Inquisition
    • Getting rid of the witches, 
    • pope hired inquisitors to get rid of the heritics in the holy land
  40. Church of England
    Henry 8th created to divorce his wife
  41. Easter
    Most important holiday, to recognize Christ’s resurrection
  42. Christmas
    • Celebrates christs
    • birth
  43. Sacraments
    The Eucharest
  44. Baptism
    Blessing for protection by god
  45. Eucharist
    Bread and wine- literally sacrament
  46. Transubstantiation
    wine and bread literally become the flesh and blood
  47. Muhammad
    • Founded Islam, met Abraham, saw Gabriel who gave him
    • revelation, first prophet of Islam
  48. Bedouins
    Nomadic groups who made peace with Muslims Lived in desert and worshiped desert spirits
  49. Revelations
    • Received from Gabriel, include Allah, the Quran, and
    • teachings Honesty, Kindness, Charity
  50. Night Journey
    When Gabriel took Muhammad to see Abraham in Israel, Restore true gospel not found a new one
  51. Hijra
    The move that Muhammad made from mecca to medina Gains army of followers who he brings to conquer mecca
  52. Ka’ba
    • The holy cube that people visit for hajj, has the holy
    • meteorite and the base Where god came to
    • aberaham
  53. Mecca
    • The city that Muhammad traveled back to, the city the Ka’ba
    • is at Hajj destination
  54. Medina
    The city in which Muhammad traveled to Start his Islamic community
  55. Quran
    • The holy book of Islam, has their 99 words to say Allah
    • in poems Doctirine and revelations, Arabic is
    • prfect, no changing
  56. Hadith
    • Tradition, collection of stories of Muhammad, not sacred but
    • has 600000 versions of stories
  57. Tawhid (Unity)
    Rejecting the trinity, Allah is the one true god 99 prayer beads of allahs 99 names

  58. Shirk
    Don’t worship anyone but Allah, no other associating things with god
  59. Sharia
    • Islamic law in the
    • quran
  60. 5 Pillars
    • 1) No god but
    • allah(Shahada)
    • 2) (salat) Pray to Mecca 5
    • times a day
    • 3)Zakat give to the poor
    • 4) saum, fasting and
    • ramadan 4)
    • 5) make the hajj
  61. 5th Pillar steps
    • Walk around Ka’ba 7 times, run between the hills (safa anr marwa), drink
    • from zam zam, Climb mount arfat stone the devil 49 stones
  62. Jihad
    • Holy war grater is
    • weakness of themselves, lesser is weakness in community
  63. Mosque
    • Temple/place of worship Masjid,
    • no pictures intracite designs, face mecca to pray
  64. Caliphate/Caliph
    Leader who takes over
  65. Ali & Abu Bakr
    • Abu lead first with the Sunni/ Ali was second became the
    • Shi’a
  66. Sunni
    larger group
  67. Shi’a
    Second largest
  68. Sufi
  69. Nation of Islam
    Black Muslims
  70. Ramadan
    • Month of fasting, not food, water, tobacco, sex until
    • dark
  71. Eid al-Fitr
    Breaking your fast from Ramadan, the end
  72. Eid al-Adha
    • Festivla of the great sacrifice, end of the Hajj, celebrates
    • comlpletion of pilgrimage, 4 days, Abrahams willingness to sacrifice of his son
    • – sacrifice aimals, share the meat
  73. Ashura
    • Shi’ia holiday that
    • commemorates the battle at karbala< Sunni group commemorates moses >
    • mourn for sadam and hussien and self torture
  74. Birth
    • Whisper the names of Allah into ear with Muhammad is his
    • prophet at the end
  75. Marriage
    • Muslim men can marry jewish, Christian, or muslim wimen,
    • women can only marry one muslim man < Mahr is payment from groomto pride so
    • she will have money if divorced
  76. Death
    Buried on their right side while facing Mecca
  77. ISKCON
    • International society
    • for Krishna Conciousness
  78. Krishna Bhakti and Maha Mantra
    Founder, most important mantra in he world
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