Issue Preclusion

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    Issue Preclusion Elements

    Nonmutual Issue Preclusion Elements
  2. Issue Preclusion Elements
    Determination of an issue of fact or law in one lawsuit is conclusive (and cannot be re-litigated) in another action where:

    1. Issue of fact or law is identical in both lawsuits;

    2. The issue was fully litigated and decided in the first action;

    3. The issue was determined by a valid and final judgment;

    4. And, the determination of the issue was necessary to the judgment in the first action
  3. Nonmutual Issue Preclusion Elements
    Due process requires that collateral estoppel (issue preclusion):

    1. Be asserted only against a person who was a party to the first case

    2. Or, in privity

    • A stranger to the first suit can't be bound by its judgment.
    • Therefore, asserting collateral estoppel requesting SJ against a stranger to the first suit, will be denied.
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